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  1. Thank you for the kind words!

    It has always been my thought that if I could help just one person, then my mission is a success. I've been blessed to have been able to help out many.

    But, I equally thankful for and of people like you who stand in the front lines in this fight. It's a long ways from over... but we're making progress.

    CHEERS to you!!!!

    - eb
  2. Hi Eb,

    I'm so thrilled I finally saw the thread on Protecting Our Children. I am proud of you for sharing your voice and efforts to raise awareness.

    Many of your posts were inspiring to me and I appreciated your willingness to be open. It allowed me the courage to open up as well.

    Thanks again. You are a bright light!

  3. It is what it is. Sad, though.
  4. I really appreciated your responses in the Darren Sharper thread. Not many people understand the dynamics of sexual assault and believe it to be about sexual gratification rather than the need for power over someone.

    I hope that animal goes down for life as there is no way that he's innocent, not with this many allegations. Anyway, it felt good that I wasn't the only one saying what I was saying.
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