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What is the Infraction System?

The infraction system on the boards is used as a warning system. It saves time for the users, the staff, and keeps the boards efficient and manageable. An infraction is a warning that a rule in the Code of Conduct is being violated and that if it persists, a user's account status may be affected as a result.

The members of the Denver Broncos message board expect a high level of quality from their team in every aspect, and deservedly so. This includes the discussion boards. The infraction system allows for both the members and the staff to rapidly convey information about the rules back and forth.

Bear in mind that there are over 90,000 users on this message board, and over 3 million posts. We have 11 moderators, each of whom are volunteers and have lives, families and jobs. This system allows the staff to provide the quality the fans deserve in an efficient manner.

If an infraction is received, read it. It has links in it that are useful. At times the staff will also leave comments in them which are meant to explain the specifics of the circumstance or to convey constructive criticism.

Infractions come in the form of Private Messages to alert the user. It will also tell the user which post it was for, what the reason was, when it expires and how many points it was worth.

All infractions expire. There is nothing permanent about any of them.

What are the Different Kinds of Infractions?

There are 8 different infraction types. Each one has a different purpose and meaning as it relates to the Code of Conduct.

Since each of the infractions is different, their point value is also different. To see the different infraction types and specifics on those infractions click on their titles in the sub-menu of this FAQ.

How do the Points for Infractions Work?

Each infraction can stack on another infraction of the same type. If a user is given a spam infraction for example, and then receives another spam infraction they will have a total of ten points towards their infraction level. The second spam infraction will not begin to "time out" until the first one has completely expired.

If someone receives an infraction for spam and then receives an infraction for flaming, they are two different infractions and will each expire concurrently (together - more or less).

What does "On Probation" mean?

When a user has earned 50 points worth of active infractions their account status will be changed to the "Probation" category.

While in the Probation usergroup, a member's avatar, signature, and other profile features will not be displayed. They are also not at liberty to use the Contributor Status System although they may still receive feedback from other users. They may also neither send nor receive PMs nor can they access any of the private forums on the boards.

When the infractions expire (or at least enough that the point total drops to below 50) the account will return to its normal status and each of these benefits (if previously earned) will be fully restored.

What does "Suspended" mean?

An account that has accrued 100 or more infraction points is placed in the "Suspended" category.

A suspended account may read the boards, but they may not post. In addition to this restriction all restrictions that are placed on probationary users are also applied.

When enough infractions expire and the point total drops below 100, the account will be returned to either "On Probation" status or "Registered User" status, and the appropriate posting rights for that account will be returned.

How should I Respond to an Infraction?

If an account receives an infraction, no response is actually required. A user can simply read the infraction and move on with life. This is actually the recommended course of action.

If a user chooses to reply to an infraction we ask that they engage the staff courteously, professionally and respectfully. The staff goes out of their way to ensure that they engage the members in this manner and the same is expected in return.

If someone wishes to discuss an infraction, they are encouraged to ask legitimate questions about the rules, but they are not encouraged to attempt to argue about what the rules should be. Members are encouraged to ask questions for clarity. All correspondence/questions in regards to a specific infraction must be handled through the PM system. Do not disrupt the public boards with your issue. This is considered a Board Disruption.

I'm Really Upset about an Infraction. What should I do?

Infractions are just warnings. A 5 point infraction for something small is a minor warning and it expires in 30 days. It's not a big deal. Almost every member of the community has gotten an infraction at some time or another. They're minor and they expire. People are people. From time to time we all lose our temper, cuss, antagonize someone, post an inappropriate picture, and so on. It's human nature and is not a big deal.

Because most infractions are minor and have a relatively short expiration date we encourage the users to help the staff keep the small things small. Responding with hostility, antagonization, profanity or just plain rude remarks to the moderator who sent the infraction is probably going to result in an infraction for Disregarding Site Staff.

This is not a minor infraction, and acquisition of several of these over the course of time (even if they're all expired) may result in a permanent ban. For this reason users are strongly encouraged to engage the staff with the same courtesy and behavior they would expect the staff to meet them with.

How can I Appeal an Infraction?

We don't have an appeal system in place.

Most infractions are worth 5 points. It takes at least 100 points for an account to be suspended in our system. Additionally, infractions expire in a relatively short period of time. If an account has accrued that many active points it's really a moot point whether one infraction was given in error or not. One infraction is not going to get an account placed on suspended status. There are usually several or there are some very blatant circumstances involved that dictated a harsh response from the staff.

The staff here are people and as such they do make mistakes. One mistaken infraction is not going to make or break an account. However, if an account is placed "On probation" or "On Suspension", it is because of a series of events so extreme they merited immediate resolution.

For this reason, there is no appeal system in place. There isn't a need for one.

If a member chooses to do so they can PM the mod in question and ask that mod to look the infraction over again. Explain - courteously - why the infraction should be reviewed and ask the moderator to look at it again. The moderators will review the infraction. Once a review has taken place, the final response of the staff will stand.

Members are reminded that if they ask for every infraction they get to be reviewed, or if they ask for reviews of infractions they obviously earned and the staff deems it an intentional attempt to waste their time, additional infractions may be applied.

If a member feels a mistake was made they should make case - politely - and only when a user feels a mistake has genuinely been made.

Where can I see a List of My Infractions?

By clicking on your User Control Panel at the top, right-hand side of every page on the boards.

Here you'll see a list of all of your infractions including those that have expired. If you cannot see any infractions listed it's because you haven't received any.

My Account is suspended or on probation. What happens if I make a new one?

If a user's account is suspended or on probation and they create a new account in an attempt to subvert that status and they get caught, the new account will be banned and an additional infraction for subverting the status and Disregarding Site Staff will be applied.

Additionally, any infractions the secondary account earned will be applied to the primary account, and additional infractions may also apply depending on the situation and severity of the circumstance.

If it's an ongoing issue, the account may be banned entirely and eventually access to the site removed completely.

The accounts are placed on probation or suspended status specifically so we don't have to ban them. If these warnings are ignored, those opportunities to return to the community will be revoked.

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