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How many Contributor Points do I start with?

All new members to the boards start with 0 contributor status points. The points must be earned from other users over the course of time.

How do I earn more points?

By making worthwhile posts, as determined by your peers. Everyone in the community has the ability to help you along and give out points. As you develop your standing in the community, other members may reward you with their input and approval, thus increasing your status.

How often can I give out adjustments to other posters?

Each member may give out 5 Contributor adjustments every 24 hours. Note that this means "within 24 hours, you can only give this many out." It is not a "5 per day" system. For example: A user logs on at 11:50 PM on Monday and gives out five awards to people they feel made good posts. At 12:01 AM on Tuesday morning, 11 minutes later, it's a new day and they want to give out five more points. They will have to wait until 11:51 PM on Tuesday in order to give out another 5 awards. A new day is not a new "24-hour period."

Can I give points to the same person over and over again?

No. The system is currently configured to make the adjustments spread out by 15 members. What this means is that if Member A thinks Member B made an awesome post and wants to give them an award, they can. The next 14 adjustments they give out, however, must be to 14 different members.

Can I give myself points?

No, the system will not let you give yourself points. Nice try, though.

How do I give an adjustment?

At the top right of each post next to the report button is a small badge. Clicking that brings up the comment and reward menu for this system. Leave a comment (optional) and award the post as you see fit, and submit the instruction. Once submitted it cannot be undone.

Can I leave a comment for someone and let them know why I gave them an adjustment?

Yes! The system allows for this with a comment box right below where you submit the adjustment. We also encourage constructive feedback among the members. The system is not to be abused however. Name-calling, harassment, insults and personal attacks will be responded to just as any other type of attack is - except with greater severity since more is expected of members who have earned this privilege.

In order to report abuse, PM any moderator.

What if I don't want someone to know I left the adjustment?

The system is configured to not show who left comments to whom. It is set this way to encourage honest feedback and to deter attempts at manipulating the system unethically. However, this is not to be confused with a private message in any way. All aspects of this system can be freely accessed by the site staff and all messages are tracked. While we value and respect each member's privacy, this system's comment option is not part of that private domain and can be used to track abuse. Other users cannot see who left which comments, but the site staff can. If a problem is reported, the staff reserves the right to access these comments and all aspects of this system. This is not a Private Messaging system. This is not an e-mail system. This system is tracked and fully accessible by site staff.

What happens as I accumulate points?

As members reach various point thresholds they go up in "level." Every member starts at the Practice Squad level, and this level will be displayed under their user name in their posts (unless they have a custom title). It will also be displayed when you mouse over someone's Contributor Status icon.

Each member starts as a member of the Practice Squad.

Once someone has 100 or more points they move up to the next level; Bench Warmer. There are several levels to this system. We won't list them all here -- we want you to discover them for yourselves!

Each level also has a few special rewards. Most of the rewards for this system come in the form of board enhancements and added features like profile pictures, bigger avatars and access to private forums. Some, however, follow the trend of other aspects of our member community and extend beyond the message board system itself. Again, we're not going to list them all to give you a chance to discover them on your own.

How do I know what my Contributor Status is, and where do I see who left comments to me?

In the user control panel there is an option to look at the Contributor System. In this area is where a user can find their latest comments, their overall score and other information.

Are there any penalties that come as a result of the CP system?

Not at this time.

What's the maximum number of points I can earn?

There is no maximum to this system.

I don't like a post someone made. It's offensive and violates the COC. Can I leave them a nasty-gram?

Yes, it's possible. However, at many levels of the contributor system only positive points can be awarded to other users, so by leaving them a nasty-gram one is actually helping the person who made them mad in the first place. This is also deemed abuse of the system and will be responded to accordingly if any of the rules in the Code of Conduct have been violated.

A better option is to report the post by using the alert button located at the top of each post on the boards. As mentioned elsewhere, there are not ever enough moderators on any given board to police the entire forum. As all boards do, we rely on the help of our users to let us know when there is a problem, and the best tool for that is the alert system.

Are all members created equal in this system?

Yes. It's important to understand that all members start with the same opportunities and scores in the system, even if they're brand new. If a member has earned a great deal of Contributor Status within the community, it is because of their own actions and was the result of the community as a whole wanting to acknowledge their contributions over a long period of time.

What prevents a group of people from ganging up on one person? What prevents someone from forming a group to bolster themsleves?

The combination of the "member spread" (discussed above) and the limit of five uses of the system per day produces an effect that makes this kind of abuse very difficult.

These two factors combine to ensure that it takes a minimum of 72 hours before one person can hook the same person up again, but it also means that in the course of affecting any one person, a member has also had to affect at least nine other different people in the process. By the time this entire method of "hooking a buddy up" or "targeting an individual poster" is complete, the individual difference of two contributor adjustments compared to the impact the rest of the community has had is almost nullified entirely.

In order to keep this process of abuse going, any given member has to maintain their diligent use of this process over a long and disciplined period of time. Over this period of time, a pattern is easily visible to the mods when they look at someone's feedback record.

It's really rather futile for people to attempt to abuse the system in that manner. If someone is a good poster then they'll gett a lot more awards than that one individual comment is worth, and if they're getting a lot of negative feedback, there's not a whole lot one, two, or even a small group of people can do to counteract the impact of the entire community.

Further, if the staff detects abuse the offending parties will suffer significant penalties. Possible penalties include infractions, probations, suspensions, bans, and having their CP reset to zero. The staff takes a very harsh stance on the matter of CP abuse, and will respond accordingly.

Any member that suspects abuse can send a private message to the staff and it will be investigated.

How many points is my comment worth to another member?

Each member starts off with their points being worth 0, just showing up as a comment to that user. Your contribution power increases as you reach certain points thresholds as well as after a number of years participating on the forums. You can see how much your CP is worth to others under the User CP "Latest Reputation Given" section, where your value is listed as "reputation power."

How many points is a negative CP worth?

A negative CP is worth half of what a positive CP would be worth if it came from that same member. For example, if a member's positive CP is worth 8 points, their negative CP are worth -4 points.

If a member's positive CP are worth any other odd number the system will always round down to the nearest full number. For example, if a member's positive CP are worth 7 points, any negative CP they give out will be worth -3.

Do I have to be concerned with Contributor Status?

No. You can ignore it entirely if you choose. CP has no impact on someone's ability to post. You're not required to give any to other users. You're not required to try to get them from other users. The CP system is entirely voluntary and if you choose to ignore it, that's fine. Having low CP will not alter your account status.

How long does it take to get 100 CP?

Because the amount of CP a user gives out changes over time (increases), it can vary quite a lot. Further, since CP are awarded based on quality posts, both the quality and the frequency of posting can have an impact on how fast CP are accumulated. We have some members who have been members of the boards for years that have not gotten 100 CP, while others have done it in under a week. It's not a race and it's not that big of a deal, so take your time. The most important part of maintaining CP growth is understanding the community someone is part of.

Should I thank people who give me CP?

While you're welcome to express thanks, giving CP back to someone who gives you a CP could be considered an attempt to abuse the system. It's not meant for that. It's meant to award quality posts with some appreciation rather than to have posters feeding each other points.

Abuse is taken very seriously here, and when it's discovered it's possible to receive infractions, be placed on probation, suspended, or banned depending on the severity of the circumstance. It's also possible that the staff will reset someone's CP to zero and force them to start over if abuse is discovered.

Ideally, no. The CP system should not be used to send thank you notes. They should be used to reward insightful posts.

Can I turn off my CP?

No. While no one is required to care about or use their CP, it cannot be turned off. The only people with the option to turn this off are members of the staff who have chosen to do so so that the members will use their CP on each other rather than direct them at the staff members.

I don't like the neg system. What do I do?

The CP system is designed to be a way for regular members to give feedback to one another. This is a discussion board, and as such serious discussions are encouraged. The negative CP is a feature that one must earn over the course of time and many strong contributions to the community. The people that have the right to give negative CP have earned them and they are entrusted to use them for constructive criticism.

While most people like the idea of members being able to give constructive feedback, some take issue with it. While we're sensitive to these users and empathize with their position, the topic has been weighed heavily, discussed often, and the feature has been included with the system.

No one is required to be concerned about their CP totals, nor are they required to use the CP system, and if someone chooses to disregard the negative CP they are given they may do so freely. Again, account status is not affected by someone's CP total in any way.

We also ask that users refrain from creating threads to complain about the "negs" they get on the forums. It's a discussion that has been had many times, and in the absence of any new arguments or information, the negative CP have been included in the system and they'll remain part of the system.

To view these conversations, you can click here, here, here, here, here, and here.

If you have any questions or comments about the neg system beyond what's covered in those threads, feel free to PM a moderator. We do ask that users refrain from starting another thread on the topic however.

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