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What is an Inappropriate Language Infraction?

This infraction lasts for 30 days and is worth 5 points.

This includes swearing as well as masked vulgarity (including if the censor blocks it out). In general a user that has to ask if their post is going to be vulgar should either preview the post to see if the censor asterisks out any words, or they should err on the side of caution and change the vocabulary.

This is a "family friendly" site and as such all posts are expected to contain PG language. This does not mean "Friendly for my family." It means, "Friendly for the vast majority of families." As such you are liable for any language in any picture you post or video you link to. Please ensure that such content falls within the posting guidelines for our site before you post it.

Discretion is the better part of valor.

What is a Profile Violation Infraction?

Profile Violation: This infraction lasts for 30 days and is worth 5 points.

This is any violation of the Code of Conduct that exists on a person's profile. Their signature, their choice of image on the profile or in their sig, the colorful humor some choose to fill out profile fields with, and so on.

If anyone has a question about what is and isn't acceptable for their profile, ask the staff. We'll answer your question ahead of time which prevents the problem in the first place.

Generally speaking if one has to ask if it's okay, the answer is usually "No."

What is a Spam/Duplicate/Off-Topic Infraction?

Spam/Off-Topic: This infraction lasts for 30 days and is worth 5 points.

This includes posting just to post, posting to bump dead threads, creating duplicate posts in many threads to annoy or harass the other members, excessive advertising for any reason (even non-profit ads but especially profit ads), and includes posting in a way that derails an entire thread. It also refers to redundant threads.

Obviously we're not going to toss one of these infractions on every thread on the boards. It will be reserved for highly redundant threads or cases of obvious duplication such as when a user creates a thread identical to one that is three lower on the forum list, or intentionally creates a thread they already know is a duplicate.

If a moderator removes a thread and a user replaces it but it is still problematic, this will not earn a Duplicate Thread infraction. It is more likely to result in a Disregarding Site Staff infraction, simply because it was taken down for a reason and thus should not be replaced unless the problem has been corrected.

What is a Trolling/Flaming Infraction?

Trolling/Flaming: This infraction lasts for 30 days and is worth 10 points.

Trolling is the act of posting something that one knows or should know will provoke a negative or angry response from the general membership or a specific user.

Flaming is insulting, attacking or harassing another member of the community.

In plain English, "Posts that will probably result in a fight." These rules apply even if the remarks are retaliatory or a continuation of an argument someone else started. Don't continue the fight. Report the post and allow the staff to clean it out.

What is an Inappropriate Post Infraction?

This infraction lasts for 30 days and is worth 10 points.

This includes the posting of material that is owned by the NFL or the Denver Broncos. If it's on Youtube but it belongs to the NFL or to the Broncos it's still copyright infringement. Posting links to it or embedding it within a post in the community will result in an Inappropriate Post warning. Multiple occurrences may result in more severe warnings.

This infraction also covers the obvious stuff that isn't explicitly stated where the verbatim rules may not be violated but that the content of the post is not suitable for our family friendly environment.

What is a Board Disruption Infraction?

This infraction lasts for 30 days and is worth 50 points.

An infraction for a board disruption can be issued when a user's actions lead to a significant issue on the boards. This can include carrying on an argument across many threads or many posts, or any post that instigates such a circumstance. It might also be issued in the case of hoax threads as deemed fit by the staff.

These infractions are generally reserved for ongoing issues or large-scale issues that require an inordinate amount of work on the part of the staff to rectify, but can be used in specific single-case instances.

What is a Disregarding Site Staff Infraction?

This infraction lasts for 30 days and is worth 50 points.

This infraction can be issued when the requests of the staff have been specifically ignored. This can result from someone who flames another member and receives an infraction but chooses to ignore that notice and does it again. It can also be the result of replacing a removed signature or repeated violations of the Code of Conduct in a manner in which it becomes clear is intended to annoy the staff. Although these are two examples, any instance in which the staff is ignored may warrant an infraction of this type.

What is a Staff Harassment infraction?

A Staff Harassment infraction is an infraction issued when a user attacks a member of the message board staff either publicly or privately. This infraction is worth 75 points and places an account on probation or suspension for a minimum of 45 days, dependent on other infractions the account might have.

If there is a second incident, the account will be temporarily banned for a minimum of two months. During this time the account will not have access to the site whatsoever.

Each of these first two infractions will be accompanied by a non-expiring 1 point Harassing Site Staff infraction for tracking purposes. They are used for record keeping only, and have no impact on the account's posting privileges.

Any further incidents will result in a permanent banning of the account.


The Denver Broncos take threats very seriously. Threats to other members will be responded to harshly, and threats made towards the staff, players, coaches, front office or other Broncos personnel will result in the member's immediate and permanent removal from the community. The case will also be forwarded to the NFL for final disposition.

Even as a joke, all threats have to be treated seriously by the site. We cannot tell which threats are serious, nor are we qualified to do so even if it were possible. All instances of threats towards members or team personnel will be treated as legitimate, even if "it was only a joke."

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