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9-11: today we remember

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  • 9-11: today we remember

    the event that shocked the world 6 years ago. where were you???

    what we saw:

    never thought my generation would see this. or yours. my parents generation remembered pearl harbor. and where they were when they got the news. do you remember where you where the day this happened ???? I do. I was getting ready for work and watching it on the morning news. when the 2nd plane hit the tower I put my coffee cup down and said out loud to myself "we're now at war".

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    I was getting ready for work. My mom had my girls that morning. I remember telling her not to send them to school/daycare. My thoughts were that we just didn't know what the terrorists next move was going to be.

    My thoughts raced to what those poor people were going through in fighting their way down to the bottom.

    My thoughts were with their children and families. Mommy or daddy left for work that morning, perhaps they were in a hurry, perhaps they hadn't gotten to say I love you or kiss their little ones. These poor children would go to sleep that night having lost one of the most important people in their lives. I thought of the people that had innocently gotten onto an airplane, only to be used in a horrific plot to take more innocent lives.

    I was so very angry. These people had nothing to do with the problems these terrorists were fighting against. They were utterly and completely innocent. The minute I saw the 2nd plane fly into the 2nd tower, I said to children will now have no choice but to know what war is.

    I was so very proud of the people on the flight that crashed in PA. In that same situation, I questioned if I would have enough in me to do the same that they did. They died to save other innocent lives. They made a decision where they knew in the end, it would probably cost them their own.

    I lived in fear for months after that. Not knowing when they would strike next, if they even would. It made me question everything. How could people possibly do this? Had we done things so wrong that these innocent people deserved this?

    In the end, I came to the realization that there was nothing we could do to prepare for this kind of tragedy. Even though I knew no one directly affected by these tragedies, I felt every bit of their anguish, every bit of their pain. What I felt in the end, is closer to every person who surrounded me. I felt closer to people I had never met before and probably never will.

    It was wonderful to walk down the street and see the American flag everywhere. It was wonderful to see that such a tragedy really could draw everyone together.

    Gone, but never forgotten.
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        I remember waking up for work, turned on the news only to see what was happening. The first plane had already hit tower 1 and as I layed there in bed in shock listening to the reports, we watched live while the second plane slammed into tower 2 and the anchor person bursted out with fear and disbelief.

        As the day progressed, and we started seeing the various videos of the different angles, it was numbing. The one that got me the most was the video looking straight up at the second tower as the plane hit. Then the pieces started falling down.

        Then we hear about the pentagon.

        Then we hear about the plane that the passengers put down in Pennsylvania.

        As we watched the towers burn and the rescue efforts commence, and later the towers started falling, I sat there and cried. I knew immediately this was not good. So many lives were going to be lost.

        I could not believe what I was seeing. Like some horror movie or nightmare that I couldn't awake from.

        After it was all over, and all planes were grounded for several days, it was so odd not to see aircraft when in Las Vegas, a plane almost lands every minute or so. Felt isolated. It was too quiet as we all attempted to digest what had just happened.

        It opened our eyes to our vulnerability.

        On 10/15/01, just 34 days later, our rocket company burnt to the ground and I ended up with a fatality. We were still in shock from the previous month's events only to be faced with a smaller crisis of our own. It was immediately assumed by Las Vegas officials and media, that our situation was yet another terrorist attack. It was obviously proven otherwise shortly there after as we explained how an employee did not follow a procedure and caused the fire with rocket fuel all over our facility.

        9/11/01 changed our lives forever. May the families of the victims continue to find peace in their hearts as we all remember them.
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          I was just getting ready for work.. I turned on the morning news and saw what had happened. I was only 18 at the time.. and remember being terrified. I was not really sure what was going on. I ran and woke up my husband and told him that I thought we were at war.

          I was in shock.. and devistated for all of those helpless people.

          It does not feel like that long ago..

          We will ALWAYS remember!!


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            when I got to work i stepped out of my truck and noticed white circles in the sky. what the hell????? they were contrails. planes were in holding patterns over KCI.


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              I was at home. I thought (hoped) it was a movie, a sick joke. It just couldn't be real. The panic, the fear, the people jumping. I know how it affected me. I could not/can not imagine what it did to those involved.

              When the Pentagon got hit, I called my husband. They have an account there and he went there quite often. When he answered, they were in the process of making sure none of their guys were there (none were).

              We went to the first NASCAR race after 9-11 (Dover). I have never felt anything like that before or since. 140,000+ people, waving 140,000+ U.S. flags, chanting 'USA...USA...' Incredible. Earnhardt Jr. won and drove the flag around the track. Lee Greenwood sang 'Proud to be an American'.

              During the time that all planes were grounded, some pilot decides to take his little Cub for a ride (from our tiny 'airport'). I would have liked to see his face when 2 F-16s came to escort him down.

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                well, i'm pretty sure i'll never forget my senior year...

                the radio show i listened to in the mornings then was a pair of idiots who never really had anything interesting or funny to say and i thought they were just doing one of their lame skits while i got ready for school. and i was the only one up so no one had the t.v. on or anything. they didn't know what they were doing or talking about or how to deliver the news and they kept asking for an actual news person to come into the studio to tell people what was going on...

                so i left for school thinking it was just a freak plane accident, or joke, since they'd mentioned there were two planes...

                after i got to school a classmate ran into the senior hall screaming that "they hit the pentagon" and then i realized everything was real. and then i got more pissed off than i think i've ever been about anything...i wanted to leave and go enlist right there.

                we didn't do anything that day but watch the news in every class. one of my teacher's son's was living in new york and she couldn't focus and she was on her cell like every 2 seconds. another teacher grew up in new york and he's an awesome, fun guy....and i've never seen him so angry, lost and upset as i did that day...he had friends in towers.

                that video, they must've had a rather high quality camera. they had some really clear images, especially close-ups...that was impressive...and freakishly chilling. i'm pissed that it was edited. i know most people don't care to see anything, but i'd rather not sugar-coat anything and remember everything the way it happened. the more you physically see the planes explode and the towers go down, the more you tend to think about things and realize that you just watch thousands of people die in a split-second...and they all deserve to have us remember them...

                i dunno...but holy God...




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                  Originally posted by BroncoFaninMD View Post
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                  What an impressive link to the archives and timelines.

                  That brought tears.
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                    In Memory......................



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                      I remember I was in school when it happened. I did not know what happened until I got home like at 6:00 that day. I was relatively young at that time, so I think my teachers wanted to shield the young students. All I remember is coming home and feeling so sad and sorry for those people who died.

                      RIP to all those who were taken far too early on that terrible day.


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                        I was DJing in White Plains, New York that morning

                        It was horrifying cause i had just played a wedding with my father in the Windows of the World, the restaurant on the top floor of the north tower just 4 days before

                        The whole waiting and cooking staff died that morning

                        My best friend in the world also was going to Pace University, 2 blocks away, and i couldn't get in touch with him cause the phones lost service

                        Finally i got home, and saw the second tower collapse and i went to hunt for my friend, who by that time had made it home safely. He was pretty distraught as he told me he was watching people jump from the higher floors to their death

                        Everyone around here was pretty frozen and overwhelmed and about 19 other emotions all at the same time, it's still so hard to talk about without crying or being choked up.

                        These images that most of you people see on TV are the images i remember first hand and think about everyday, to some extent or another

                        What I really want to know is why this isn't a national day of rememberance - a day that usually gets marked as a 'holiday' because most of us, if any, remember Pearl Harbor
                        I really think this should be treated as such


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                          Originally posted by JerseyFan24 View Post
                          What I really want to know is why this isn't a national day of rememberance - a day that usually gets marked as a 'holiday' because most of us, if any, remember Pearl Harbor
                          I really think this should be treated as such
                          I think many of us do consider it an "unofficial" day of rememberence like we do for Pearl Harbor. I know I had all my flags flying yesterday and saw many people doing the same thing.

                          I cannot even imagine what it was like to actually witness it first hand. The looks on peoples faces of disbelief and shock are still etched in my mind.

                          And to actually be in the towers just 4 days before had to be a numbing effect on you. It would have probably made me literally sick to my stomach.
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                            although i have a lingering feeling that the attacks arent as cut and dry as they appeared to be(ie. conspiracy theory) i feel bad for all families involved, american, iraqi and afghani because lets not forget there have been more innocent iraqi and afghani civilian deaths in the insuing "war" than american deaths in the towers...its too bad that we have to live in such a hate filled world and a world where people abuse power for their own personal objectives rather than for the good of their people...if only we could live in a john lennon song instead


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                              pal of mine sent me super high def pics of the attack. they are amazing. but their in power point. I don't think i can load them in.