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Romo in THE LONGEST YARD remake

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  • Romo in THE LONGEST YARD remake

    for those who care, Bill Romanowski will make what i think is his acting debut in the remake of The Longest Yard.

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    Michael Irvin as a convict. Now that is art imitating life.


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      Romo where he belongs in a prison football game where he....Can spit on people
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        That film (released as Mean Machine in the UK) was probably my first exposure to American Football. Seems a bit strange though that they're doing another remake of it, unless the Vinnie Jones version from a couple of years ago wasn't released in the States. I'll probably have to wait for this one to be released on DVD to see it.
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        Maybe Slowick should pay attention


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          I liked Romo, I wonder how his health is doing?