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    and that's not to mention this whole steroid problem...and the lack of talent...

    "The Gagne T-shirt jersey comes with a complimentary can of gasoline and a set of matches."


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      Thats a problem with all pro sports IMO - expansion is killer on talent and the fact that everyone wants to be the best to make the most causes the drug problem - and having to much time and money causes drug problems too - which is why I dont have a problem - I just have fun

      But I digress - we need to stop expanding sports - and stop paying them so much money


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        Originally posted by orangenblue420
        Nix I never said I didnt think there needed to be changes I just think people need to quit bytchin about the Yanks specifically

        Of course the game and fans would benefit from a more even playing field - but there is more that meets the eye than what we as fans see, IMO - I am sure there are owners who would rather pocket most of the profit rather than spend it on their team, prob. owners who for the principle of it dont wanna pay these whiney ass pu$$y players $100's of millions of dollars - but the money is not the only issue that makes baseball less popular than football -there are too many games in baseball, season is too long, thats what kills the NBA and NHL - everyone knows that - you cant change that though - so you can make all the changes you want as far as the money goes - I dont believe it will make all that much difference in the long run as far as fan popularity is concerned
        The blame shouldn't be strictly placed on the Yankee$. Of course there are other teams that have high payrolls. These teams are trying to compete with the Yankees but they are just as guilty. I also know all the other factors that make football more popular. That really has nothing to do with the arguement.

        Do you think that if baseball had parody and teams like the Pirates, Brewers, Royals, Devil Rays, etc had a fighting chance ever year that the popularity wouldn't rise? You don't think that the fans in these cities would start paying more attention to baseball if they thought they had the slightest chance to win?