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Happy Bastille Day! :)

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  • Happy Bastille Day! :)

    To our favorite Frenchy - Happy Bastille Day - Hope you have a great one!

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    I was gonna start a thread like this earlier!!!, but then i thought about all the flack i might get from those who don't care for France too much, so i just sent frenchie a usual, our frenchie is on vacation no where to be found!

    "The Gagne T-shirt jersey comes with a complimentary can of gasoline and a set of matches."


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      Fuc them - frenchie is our frenchie and if they dont like it they can Bite Me - Sorry I missed it frenchie - but as usualy my girl blue gots my back

      Happy whateverthefuc day it is -


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        Bastille Day is the equivalent of our fourth of's the day that the French revolutionaries freed all the prisoners out of the Bastille, which was a famous prison in Paris.

        "The Gagne T-shirt jersey comes with a complimentary can of gasoline and a set of matches."


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          History of Bastille Day

          Bastille Day, which is celebrated annually on the 14th of July, is a French national holiday that is celebrated with parades and fireworks. The Bastille was a medieval fortress in the east side of Paris that became a French state prison, and a place of detention for very important people charges with miscellaneous offenses.

          On the morning of July 14th, 1789, a mob came to the Bastille and captured the place. This event came to symbolize the end of the ancient regime (the monarchy) in France. The Bastille was demolished by order of the revolutionary government. It was chosen as a national holiday in 1880.


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            Have a great one Frenchie!! You french fucer you..


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              Bump so that frenchy sees we were thinking of him!


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                Thanks to all of you ! You're all so nice ! That makes a smile on my face and I needed it !
                You're all my friends (and my girlies LOL)...

                Congrats for history Blue ! That's right... I'm impressed... Now, I know you were right when you said that 13-14 y/o girlies know how to use Internet LMAO... And better than me for sure !

                Well, the parties were great but this year I did'nt have to heart to make a party... I'm not in a so good mood because I'm tired and because of my wife's depression... Depression is something hard... She lost her job and she can't accept that... I try not to talk of that here because first I don't want to bore anyone and last I prefer to laugh and escape from that for a while...

                So again... Thanks to you my friends ! I'm so glad you missed me a little (or more than a little... LOL)...

                BISOUS ! (for girlies only ... sorry brothers, but I'm sure you're not that way - If you see what I mean - LOL).
                Just talk slowly please... I'm French

                GO BRONCOS

                (Sig made by Snk16)

                (thousands of bisous for Thundergirl, une fille du tonnerre !!!)

                My adoptee-a-fan are THE GIRLIES :kiss: