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Shaq in Miami,

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  • Shaq in Miami,

    Yep, thats right..Shaquille O'Neal is now a Miami Heat...I dont have a link yet, I read it in the newspaper this morning...But next to go will be Kobe...

    Just think now...Miami is really going to be a dangerouse team this year...They had a really good run this past year...There going to be ever better this year...

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    Ok, here is a link.....The trade involved...

    Lakers Get- Caron Butler, Brian Grant, and Lamar Odom.

    Heat Get- Shaquille O'Neal..

    So who got the better end of the deal?


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      Martin is gone to the nuggets

      "The Gagne T-shirt jersey comes with a complimentary can of gasoline and a set of matches."


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        Re: Shaq in Miami,

        Originally posted by dandaman23
        But next to go will be Kobe...
        nah, kobe just opted to re sign with the lakers


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          Miami had a run yes but now they lost butler and odom who helped they have that young guy right now but thats about it and shaq....
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            Butler - Husky Baby

            Does that mean I kinda have to like the Lakers now

            Well I am going to follow my man Emeka and HIS team the Charlotte Bobcats I dont like that name he won the Espy for best college male athlete too