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So I need a workout schedule.

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  • So I need a workout schedule.

    I'm looking to get tone, or defined, and lose the flab I have on my stomach right now. I've been working out faithfully for a couple of weeks now(It'll be 3 weeks on Saturday), and I can honestly say that I feel good about myself. The thing is, I do the same thing over and over again and again every day. Incline situps, bench, curl, butterfly machine, tricep dips, attempt pullups, and bike 5 miles on a stationary bike. And I know working the same muscles every day is not good for you. So I'm trying to get a more regulated, organized program that I can follow. But I want something that's going to take me an hour-an hour and a half to complete. Also, I really want to keep the biking, situps, and basically all my cardio to an every day effort.

    I'm not an expert when it comes to lifting, and I really don't know what muscles you should and shouldn't work together and stuff. And I don't want to add bulk, I just want to get some definition and lose this flab, preferably before prom and definitely before Graduation. I know I can do it, I just got to stick it out.

    Also, I know how important dieting is. And as far as the diet goes, is it more of what you eat? Or how often you eat? Because I mainly eat home cooked meals, I have pizza like once a week. I don't eat school lunch. I eat a salad every day, stick to salads(Home made oil and vinegar dressing), fruits, and vegetables, stay away from potato chips. And I usually ALWAYS look at calorie content. But the thing is, I just eat a lot when I come home from school because I never eat during the day and I come home and pig out.

    So if you guys could help me out as far as a workout routine, eating habits, etc. It would be helpful.

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    First of all, NEVER EVER work out same muscles on consecutive days. Gives no repair time.

    My old workout routine consisted of two days.
    A - Everything except legs
    B - Legs

    and alternate, M-W-F usually being A and T-Th being B.

    I just did whatever was open in the weight room because back then I could only lift during peak hours.

    Now, I have PE and we are doing weight training which totally screws up my routine, so I'm adjusting my routine to PE days (every other). I work whole body instead.

    Both work fine for me.

    Definition and tone usually requires LOTS of low weight HIGH REP exercises, muscular endurance too.

    If you want bigger muscles, then that's "normal" lifting. Medium to high weight, 8-12 reps.

    If you are going for strength, high weight, and under 8 reps.

    As for losing flab, go running. Best way. Figure out your optimal fat loss zone.

    I also take protein supplements, so that's a factor.

    Muscle Milk is for weight gaining (has like 600 calories but a lot of protein). Pretty good, helped me a bit until I got stuck on a plateau.

    Now I'm taking Nitro-Tech, only like 150 calories and it has a lot of protein. I've been starting to increase again, off my plateau.

    If you don't want to spend money on supplements, then eat a lot of meat.

    Another thing is to change things up. Don't let your muscles get accustomed to the workout. Take some breaks (like 3 days w/o working out sometimes) if you are really sore or just for the heck of it to let ur body fully recover, sometimes 2 days isnt enough.

    Benching, try not only normal benching but dumbbell bench.

    Curling, try also EZ Bar and barbell instead of DB.

    Try do weighted situps and tricep dips. Hold a weight plate while doing situps and theres a belt with a chain that you can tie weight plates onto. Same with pullups.

    Good luck.


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      Sounds like what you are doing is pretty good... Diet and cardio is a lot more important to working abbs than most people think. Definitely keep the bike, maybe you should run every now and then instead.

      I would throw a couple things into your work out. Add some legs into your workout, work your thighs especially and some of that muscle will help a little bit carry some definition into your lower abbs. Legs can be real good to work if you want to go to the gym the day after your regular work out, because you don't have to work those same muscles.

      It's also important to strengthen your back when you're working everything else for health reasons. You're working your core so that will help but work your back for improved back and spine health.

      Some good abb work outs that you may not be doing, lay flat on your back with your hands extended straight over your head and put your legs together and do leg lifts, up and down. This is good to strengthen your core and gives your legs a bit of a work out. Every once in a while when doing sit ups throw a mixed variety in of touching your elbow to each knee alternatively, that'll help work all of your stomach.

      I'm not an expert on weight either but I've been involved in sports and equipment all my life. I'm a very health conscious person and hit the gym just about every other day on top of water polo. It does make you feel good, since I was ten I've been unable to go longer than a week without a good work out. That stuff will help, make sure you're eating enough protein.


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        I went and found this thread that WhoDey started with a bunch of thoughts and ideas.
        :usa: *** God Bless Our Military Men And Women*** :usa:



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          If want to get tone, do what NickTranz said. Get alot of light weight yeps and cardio. And, jog everyday. Not just a lap, do a strenous jog everyother day like 2-4 miles. You can do it everyday if you want.

          I have a certian workout that will help you get strong quick. Real quick.


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            It's not too often you see someone come in and make their first post in a 2 month old thread and suggest european dance music