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    I punched King Kong right on the face.


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      Black Hills South Dakota dont feed the Bears!!You drive through some the National Parks stay off the rental car moose & elk plz dear god..

      Grand Canyon

      If that goat wanted to cause you problems here you would be in real bad shape...HB is the good looking one on your left
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        Well, I do not have time to feel out the whole story, but I will give you a quick teaser...

        I was chased me a buffalo....


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          I've been about ten feet away from a bull elk in rutting season, but he seemed fine with me. On Saturday I nearly stepped on a snake, and when I was in the Galapagos a red footed booby landed on my shoulder. I've had countless encounters with deer, bears, mountain goats, squirrels, snakes, etc.

          One time I had a chipmunk crawl in my pocket, and a snake try to do the same only a few minutes later!

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            Oh, the many encounters to be had when one traverses in the wilderness.

            Let's see, last summer got within 200 yards of a black bear feeding on a dead cow.

            When I was 12, walking through our creek with my brother, my brother saw a water moccassin strike at my ankle and miss.

            Had a herd of cattle stampede by when I was fishing, and the bull staring at me and my pole, shaking his head. About peed my pants on that one.

            Snuck up on deer feeding in broad daylight. Got within 30 yards before the deer got wind of me, and took off.

            Had a 10 point buck walk up behind me while I was fishing. The grass was so tall the buck couldn't see me. To be honest, I didn't see it until I slowly stood up and turned around and saw him probably 10 yards away feeding. Should of seen the look on his face when he saw me staring at him!

            Once had a bird crap on my shoulder when the professor took the class outside to do an activity. That is about as bad as it gets with me.
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              Well last deer season i shot a 3x3 blacktail at 200 yards, soo i guess thats a close encounter!

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              Chargers will win a SB, before Broncos make the playoffs. I have no doubt about that!
              O no we havent made the playoffs in 2 years how long has it been since Dolts won the SB...O ya
              This might be up for awhile, Im keeping this up until the Dolts win a SB!


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                Originally posted by // / yardo View Post
                My dad was attacked by a black bear while hunting here in New Mexico in the Jemez mountains. I actually found an article about it.

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                Lucky Hunter Punches Bear, Survives
                Animal, Man Both Surprised

                A New Mexico hunter survived a bear attack recently after he fought back and landed a good punch on the animal's nose.

                John Jaramillo, who was bow hunting for elk north of Red River on Sept. 16, said a bear approached him from behind and that each of them was startled to see the other.

                "When he grabbed my backpack, that's when he pulled me off the log I was sitting on and slammed me against a tree," Jaramillo said.

                Jaramillo, who said he could smell the bear's breath, tried to fight the bear with his bow, but that method had limited success.

                When he finally threw and landed punches, he may have saved further injury or even his life.

                "I hit him in the nose," Jaramillo said. "That's when he backed off."

                The bear's approach from behind, in part, put Jaramillo in peril.

                "Keep your ears open," advised Don MacCarter, a state Department of Game and Fish spokesman. "Because you never know what might happen."

                WOW! I actually remember reading this in our local newspaper.

                When I was a kid living in KY, we used to go down to Gatlinburg, TN / Cherokee, NC / The Great Smokey Mountains and those big black bears would come up to the cars and see what we had to eat. They would block traffic forever.

                I wasn't even afraid of them.
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