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    Originally posted by hardcorebronco View Post
    I have put things on lay away before...

    Underwear - (tell a nice story... I reallllly need a new pair... I'll come back in a week when I can afford these.)

    You can also use candy, but that is just lame.

    lol, this article was hillarious. I'll never use these for ideas... :dance:

    Edit: By the way, CODE BLUE is a bomb threat for Wal-Mart. I was checking out one day, and the cashier had a list of the different codes and what they stood for... Red was fire... Obvious... I tried to remember them all, but I can only remember a hand full of em... lol... DON'T SAY THOSE IN THE STORE! You can get arrested... (I do not know by personal experience...)
    At Target we have:

    Code Red: Fire
    Code Yellow: Missing Kid (this happens a LOT, every time the kid just wandered off and is fine)
    Code Green: injury on the more serious side.

    but yea, faking any of these I bet is the same offense as yelling "fire" somewhere public.