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    u must have just showed that u dont like slipknot and that u do like those bands. which is cool

    -man who is interested in GOOD music


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      Originally posted by Elway4King
      Slipknot rulez!!!!!!!

      I like that one song um...
      ..."Mask on My Face" and...
      ...oh, "I'm a Freak" and...
      ...oh yeah, "Buy our Music Nonconformists" and...
      ..."Hammer Smashed Face," wait, that's Cannibal Corpse, my bad...


      Cody J. Esquire

      How about that #1 jam "Kill Your Mother Whore on A Saturday Night Jack Daniels Tune 353"?
      If someone uses one of your quotes, it really means that they agree with it and they're upset they didn't get the chance to say it first---- Dave Navarro 1991

      The main reason I don't like the Bronco's is because every time I see their logo it reminds me of my drunk boyfriend who used to write his name in the snow with his urine then belch the letters of Elway's name----- Sandra Bernhard 1993


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        shield what is ur problem? u seem like a punk, and no one on this forum wants a punk, so why dont u just leave already.
        chiefs ur mother