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Happy Turkey Day Tomorrow

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  • Happy Turkey Day Tomorrow

    I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Thankgiving. We should be thankful for many things. I just wanted to say thanks to all the people who have welcomed a bronco fan into there board, even though I am currently living in Tampa. Go Bronco's!!!!

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    Happy T day


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      damn, you beat me to it! happy turkey day! on to the PIE!!!

      If you take what I have to say seriously, then I'm embarrassed for you.


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        happy thanksgiving to everyone

        I would like to wish everyone on this board a great holiday
        happy thanksgiving
        Bronco fan 33 years and counting, GO BRONCOS!


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          Cool, but I can't start until I get out of work

          The "New Black Sabbath"


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            Miami winning

            shanahan puppets,

            Do not forget to watch Miami beating Parcells during thanksgiving.


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              Man, I hate to spend Thanksgiving mad after the Dolphins get their beatdown from the Cowboys

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                Happy Thanksgiving to you all as well....except Dan_Marino. He'll be enjoying some Crow, not turkey, this thanksgiving!


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                  blkynbronco, see you @ work after the holidays man.
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                    Happy Thanksgiving. Let us remember what we can be thankful for and rejoice in the things that have been given us.
                    Go Broncos!!! - Hosea 10:12


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                      hey Happy Thanksgiving to you all too.I really like the Broncos message board here and DanMarino you are a PEST like a FLY that is nasty and needs to be swatted! GROW UP! And change your screen are a insult to Marino....better yet leave.I am about as sick of you as the Broncos Fans!
                      Tony G

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                        Originally posted by CrazyAsian
                        Man, I hate to spend Thanksgiving mad after the Dolphins get their beatdown from the Cowboys
                        You're going to be mad if the 'Fins lose? That would actually help the Broncos' playoff chances if they do.

                        Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to all you cool football fans out there, regardless of who's your favorite team.
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                          Thanks and happy turkey-&-football day to y'all, too.

                          Me? I'm thankful we got the Raiders Sunday. Comeback time.
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                            Happy Thanksgiving from NYCF

                            Thanks for having a cool board and great mods here. Props to their fairness. Have a great day with your loved ones and remember to say a prayer for those who cant be with us, as well as the people who are serving our country overseas and abroad. There are some things (not many) more important than football. Family is one of those things. My wife worked all night (she's a nurse) and I have the luxury of making dinner today. Our 9 year old daughter will be helping me as well. Enjoy the day and the games!

                            There is also a sarcastic version of my sentiments in the smack thread, but this one is genuine
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                              Thanks NYCF! Very nice thoughts. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
                              Orange/Blue Girl in L.A.