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Dude, I think I have Tinnitus

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  • Originally posted by PowderAddict View Post
    Oh, absolutely. I have random ringing in that ear. It's not the only time I abused my hearing when I was young, but it was the one occasion that I had noticable effects after and have had ever since.
    See I wonder if I too, abused by ears from music.

    I've been to concerts... but I wasn't anywhere near the speakers. And the outdoor concerts that I've been too didn't cause any hearing problems later on..

    But I do work out and listen to louder music with my ear buds. Yet, this ENT specialist claims that, that is not the problem.

    Doctors know a lot, but they don't know everything... it's impossible. I'm hoping she's correct that it's a viral infection... But I'd wish it would be gone already.