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Veteran's Needed! Any Vet's here?

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  • Veteran's Needed! Any Vet's here?

    Hello, I have a homework assignment due Friday (procrastinator) . I have to interview a vet. If you are a vet, please reply to this post and say what war. I want to interview someone so I can use that for my 6 page essay. It shouldn't be hard, only like 10-15 questions.

    Love ya,

    PS Sorry if its not football related

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    Spent 6 years in the Air Force from 1999-2005 as Security Forces.. Spent a total of 12 months in Iraq.
    So I guess you could say the Iraq war/ war on terror


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      Thats cool, I'll see how many q's I can whip up on the current war. I wanted to do it on a Viet vet, but I couldn't find anyone. My professor said we should get a friend or family member, assuming everyone knows a vet, but since I'm not white and a first gen american, I don't know any vets, hehe. So I resort to the bronco chat. Thanks for the response! I will see what I can do.


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        I will help if you need any additional help. :salute!:


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          Yeah, any help is appreciated, also i thought it was funny how I joined a whole year before you and you have like 10x the amount of posts. I should be on this more often huh?


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            I was in the DEP (Delayed Entry Pool) for the Marines after 9/11. I did not get to serve for heal reasons, but anything I can do to help I will.
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              Thanks alot everyone, I turned it in already. :salute!: to all you vet's out there! :salute!: When you can't find a vet, broncos forum is the place to go