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  • Peanut
    Family---I'm such a loner, it still surprises me that I have a husband and kids.
    That I don't have cancer
    Chiropractic---electro-stimulus :thumb:

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  • Legendary30
    I am thankful for........

    1. My son Daniel Jr
    2. My family and friends
    3. The men and women in the Armed forces.
    4. Freedom
    5. Life
    6. Mountain Dew

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  • osubroncos86
    Originally posted by anton... View Post

    the best things in life...


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  • BroncoBJ4MVP!!!
    hmmm I guess I'm thankful for a few things. :dance:

    I'm thankful for my parents/family.
    I'm thankful for being such a healthy lad.
    I'm thankful for having a place to discuss the Broncos with.
    I'm thankful to have a home.
    I'm thankful for Amber :dance:

    And I'm probably thankful for lots of other stuff but its late and I cant think.

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  • Bronco_Armada
    Originally posted by jetrazor74 View Post
    The 5, 10, and 20 dollar bills (who the hell wants to carry all those ones???)

    They are handy to keep the strippers begging for more and more on their knees, that way you will not run out as quickly.

    J/K never been to a strip joint.

    But I'm thankful

    the orange
    this site
    my FLGS

    and im sure there is a lot more but im sleepy right now.


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  • anton...

    the best things in life...

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  • CTM
    I am thankful I can sleep in on a weekday, and I can take naps all afternoon and not have to pull all nighters.

    That is until monday, Seriously I have an Espanol test the Tuesday we get back, how dumb is that? Ah well after this semester I will be done Spanish forever! That is something to be thankful for!

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  • Al Wilson 4 Mayor
    Originally posted by Southstander View Post
    As Thanksgiving approaches I want to spend a little time thinking of the things I’m thankful for. The list by no means is in order of importance.

    1. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    2. For my freedom and the men and women that have served and defended it.
    3. My Mom and other family members.
    4. For my Friendships in Dirk, and Mike.
    5. For my online Friends (Once again in now way a list of importance, if I forget anyone I apologize in advance): Katie, Noel, Jed, Elizabeth, Soxy Lady, Murph, Butchie, Remy, Rustysox, Momo, Sportsgal, Rev, Dark Half, Red Birdy80, KB, MD, Dovislondon2012, LarryDean, Hyde, Snap, Kap, Skywalker, DevilSpawn, Jav, Jarred, GEM, Buffaohead, WhoDey, AZ, Top, Jaws, KCLady, J Win, RYO, Med, Den 21, Salty, AO, Jet, Mtn Man, West.
    6. My two dogs Nylla and Mygy.
    7. “This ones for John” and “This ones for you”
    8. The breaking of the Curse of the Bambino and the 2007 Red Sox.
    1. I am thankful the Lord gave me freedom from alcoholism 8 years ago and now my life is completely different.

    2. I am thankful for my beautiful wife and my 3 kids.

    3. I am thankful I have a house and two dependable vehicles.

    4. I am thankful for my wife's parents and siblings.

    5. I am thankful for my own parents and siblings.

    6. I am thankful that I am healthy and strikingly handsome!

    7. I am thankful that I have good friends who care about my well being.

    8. I am thankful that God gave me a second chance in life after being an absolute bone-head ( I won't go into details ).

    9. I am thankful for a good job that is fun and challenging, and provides good benefits.

    10. I am thankful that when my grandfather passes away very soon that he will be with the Lord.

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  • osubroncos86
    Raindrops on roses
    Whiskers on kittens
    ......wait, wrong scenario.

    Seriously though:

    1. My fiancee, Meg
    2. My dogs (Willie and Scrappy) and cat (Indy)
    3. My Dad
    4. The Denver Broncos
    5. The Oklahoma State Cowboys
    6. This Website and all the great friends I've met on this site. Won't try to list everyone, cuz if I forget someone and then realize it later, I'll feel really bad. But y'all know who you are.

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  • ebsoria
    Of course my family and friends come first. Then the fact that I am still working(at a GM dealer!!!) Low-carb Monsters, my truck, those who serve to let me do what I do, youtube for random crap I missed, my gym membership, evite(seem severyday I'm getting invites to something), warm toes and a dry nose, doritos, my health, our Broncos on tv, a good book.....

    ... wait a minute... this is turning into a list of my favorite things.....

    Happy Holiday Season to all of you!!!

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  • jetrazor74
    I am thankful for:

    The Denver Broncos
    Star Wars
    This website
    The 5, 10, and 20 dollar bills (who the hell wants to carry all those ones???)
    Thanks to Neo for choosing the correct pill because the Matrix movies woulda been hella boring watching him sit at a desk all day.
    Comic Books
    Movies based on comic books

    Oh, yeah.... my wife and kids too...

    And like SS, the list is not complete, nor in order!!

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  • chazoe60
    my wife and kids
    My brother Dan, and all the rest of my buddays.
    my job(god know in this economy this is important)
    The tossers, The Pogues, Tom Waits, Warren Zevon(RIP), and all the other musicians who bring me joy
    Ronnie and Fezie
    three day eight hour work weeks

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  • Peerless
    I'm thankful for: so far passing Anatomy and Physiology 2... and I can't frieken wait until this semester is over.

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  • Missin#7
    Really I have had a rough go of it lately & its been hard to get into the Holiday spirt or even think about being thankful.

    But At least I have my family who I love & loves me. I guess I will build from there.
    Last edited by Missin#7; 11-24-2008, 07:59 PM.

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  • Southstander
    Bump in hoping others list what they are thankful for.

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