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Another lovesick Bronco. [Long]

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    Originally posted by slostenracing View Post
    No he screwed Patti Mayonnaise :salute!:
    And kidnapped Porkchop.

    I adopted Peanut!!!
    Adopted by *Atwater*!!!

    I'm UNDEFEATED at Broncos games!!!!

    12/06/09 @ Kansas City: W 44-13



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      lmao Patti Mayonnaise.

      That was a good one!
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        Originally posted by champbronc2 View Post
        DF you followed me here to troll me?

        Man, at least keep your crap over at Truecheaters
        Champ, you already made that point about me following you here. It was blatantly posted at TC, so I hardly put a lot of effort into tracking you down. Don't flatter yourself.

        I was just pointing out the fact that you made 2 consecutive posts begging for people to "console" you, as if anyone gives. You're just trying to get attention by posting all of this ****, as proven on TC. You weren't looking for advice, as you didn't take any.


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          Originally posted by dougfunnie View Post
          Champ, you already made that point about me following you here.
          So why are you still here

          Is it because you want to become a part of the Broncos Country message board family ?

          It dont seem like thats what your attentions are for...

          Harassing others on here is not welcome and really there is no call for it if thats why you're here....
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            @ Doug.
            What a n00b.

            I outta cyberslap him.