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Military Jet Crashes in San Diego

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    Originally posted by BroncoFaninMD View Post
    Prayers to Dong Yun Yoon and family.

    That just broke my heart.

    My Dad was AF. We moved around with him, because we were a family. Same when I got married to an AF guy and had kids. Never thought about any danger --- except in Germany when I was pregnant with my second. I was told that I would be given a kit so that I could deliver the baby by myself, if we were to be evacuated.--- Why get married to a military person? Better to marry the local banker.

    Is that why your cousin didn't move with her husband, slostenracing? Because of the danger? Just wondering. I was amazed at how many women I met that complained about having to move when they married someone in the military.
    Wow, thats pretty cool BFMD. Where in Germany? I went to kindergarden there. My dad was in the army then, and we lived in Nuremburg (sp?).

    I don't remember much, but we lived on an American military base. I remember seeing the Neuschwanstein Castle(sp?), the one Disneyland is designed after. So we lived there in the late 70's early 80's.


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      Originally posted by slostenracing View Post
      And I repeat, anyone putting their family in that situation is taking the same risk as someone taking their family out for a ride to Wal-Mart. No one says you have to live on/near the base with him, plenty of families stay at home while their loved ones serve, you or him made the choice to live there just as this family did for whatever reason.

      My point was the man took responsibility in realizing the risk involved in living so close and THAT'S why he was able to forgive the guy.

      Way to completely misconstrue what I said and make it sound like I was bashing our armed serviceman.
      I have to echo Missin#7's thoughts. Your comments were rude.
      He wasn't even living ON the base. When you reside in San Diego, you are pretty much encircled by the base. You can not escape it. No matter where you live in the area, chances are good, you'll have planes flying over head.
      Next, if a family DOES live in the base, they shouldn't have to ask "hmmm, I wonder if the CO if this military base is competent?"

      Plus, I took some offence from your comments. I have lived a mile and a half from the largest piece of property the Navy owns my entire life(my parents got out of the Navy aftering moving)and never have I felt in danger.
      I haven't even been given a reason to.

      This was an accident, a terrible horrific accident I wouldn't wish on anybody. But you need to realize somehow suggesting he was responsible for this tragedy is out of line and insensitive.