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    Originally posted by orangenblue420
    Chris Simms, Phils son? ick - i really dont like blonde guys though - I think david carr is hott and he is my bench QB - Ronde is good lookin too tiki aint that bad either - double the pleasure double the fun
    Ronde? What about Conde? I'm a distent Cousin of the Barber Twins.


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        i cant vote...cus the hottest guy(s) arn't on ur list!!! Bam Margera has gotta be the sexiest man eminem is next up...then ashton

        rock chick
        How do you sleep
        When you live with your lies
        Out of your mouth
        Up from your mind
        That kind of thinking
        Starts a chain reaction
        You are a timebomb ticking away
        You need to release
        What you're feeling inside
        Let out the beast
        That you're trying to hide
        Step right up and be a part of the action
        Get your game face on
        Because it's time to play
        You're pushing and fighting your way
        You're ripping it up

        How do you live without playing the game
        Sit on the side and expect to keep sane
        Step right up and be a part of the action
        Come get a piece of it before it's too late
        Take a look around
        You can't deny what you see
        Were living in a violent society
        Well my brother let me show you a better way
        So get your game face on because it's time to play
        You're pushing and fighting your way you're ripping it up


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          It's me again!

          Originally posted by BucsmissLynch
          Ok well, let me ask you this: Who is the hottest football player?: Chris Simms, Ronde Barber, or Tom Brady?
          #1 Kellen Winslow Jr. (even though he's a woman beater)

          #2 Tatum Bell ( He could ring my Bell anytime...he's such a sweetie )

          #3 Clinton Portis ( He just look's like he could beat it up!)
          "Damn...She has a foul mouth"


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            Re: Re: It's me again!

            Originally posted by PrimeTime2479
            Damn yall are both nasty! But its well appreciated! :p
            I'm just keeping it real! They all feel like that...but would never say it! LOL... Clintion does look like he'll beat it up Tatum looks like he'll have you feining so bad that you'd walk a mile to catch the bus then transfer to another bus and skateboard uphill in 100 degree weather with a sweatsuit on! Just to get it and then do it all over again everyday of the week! J/K
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            "Damn...She has a foul mouth"


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              Originally posted by Broncos28
              I'M THE HOTTEST GUY!

              Conde you're not too bad.
              I am BucsmissLynch and I approve this message.


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                Originally posted by orangenblue420
                ........if i said anyone of them were hot I would feel like a female r kelly

                im only 16!
                mum's the word.. cause it seems no matter what i say right here, it always gets deleted.