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Baby, it's cold outside!

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    We recently experienced another cold front, this time bringing plenty of freezing drizzle. I was supposed to go to Missouri to pick Meg up and bring her home on Monday, but didn't get out in time and wound up stranded. I had to hike 5 miles back to town in the cold, having already slammed my back on the ground pretty hard, and then hitting my knee on the pavement.

    It wasn't fun. Thankfully, the school closed Tuesday and Wednesday, so I got that time off to heal and recover, I was pretty sore. I'm ok today, though.
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      About 17 right now here in Anchorage, which isnt bad.. We had a cold streak where it didnt get into the positives for nearly 2 weeks, and when it finally did it felt like summer, even though it was only like 15.. And then tempatures got up to nearly 50, and all the snow started to melt, and it was raining, then it would all freeze over night and schools were cancelled because the roads were so bad, and if anyone as ever lived in AK, you know it takes A LOT of snow, atleast 2 feet to cancel school, or the roads need to be extremely bad and they were.. But the temps are back down to normal now.. I'm just waiting for summer, the cold is nice, but only for so long..


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        I agree . Don't know how many more of these sub 75 degree days I can take. Dang it was down to 71 the other day and I had to wear long pants. Y'all have my sympathy. I did my time in the snow and miss it not at all.
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