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  • favorite work shift!

    what is everyone's favorite work shift in the forums?





    I'm a firsty! I just like to get my morning/day out of the way. I hate working at night! I used to work a crazy second shift job in the hotel/restaurant business years back,(when the economy was good) and i would work the oddest shifts. These shifts would varie from day to day, some days i would start at 2:30, other days i would start at 5:00. And if i'm working on saturdays, i'll start like 6, or 7 at night?? It sucked, because i didn't get to hang out w/my friends as much. And whenever i had tried to, i was too wore out. Since then, i've always worked first shift. I can't even fathom working nights now.
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    I work 2nd shift and my wife works day shift..we stagger the shifts so oone of us is always home with the kiddies(both under three) that way we do not have to pay for childcare.
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      I'm self employed, I like to get as much done as I can early in the day So I would say 1st shift.


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        Give ma bankers hours... I hate working nights and weekends.
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          Ummm I'd go for no gunna some how inherit Bill Gate's money..some how.....

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            i work later afternoon to nights 4-10:30ish