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  • Allen Iverson..

    This guy was a phenomanol football player in High School, him, Aaron Brooks and Michael Vick, all lived in the same city...Iverson said he wished he was still playing football, and that it was the best...I guess, from what I saw, and from what I heard and everything, he was better than Brooks and Vick in HS..And the showed highlights of him, and he was awesome!

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    yea i saw a highlite of him throwing a 70 yard game winning pass i beleive


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      but in my opinion hes too small and boney


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        Allen Iverson said that he loved Football more than Basketball which I don't blame him but I love both Sports. Anyway, yeah he was a great talent to watch back in his High School days playing Football. He made some great passes and making John Elway like moves around the pocket.

        He could have gotten a Football scholarship if he hadn't got into legal troubles in High School. I forgot what for but I guess he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. His Mom had to beg former Head Coach of Georgetown John Thompson to accept A.I. to play Basketball for him. Thank God he did because A.I. is my 2nt favorite Basketball Player in the NBA. But I think he could have ended up in the NFL. I'm sure he would be a lot bigger than he is right now if he had ended up in the NFL.

        Would have been great to see A.I. and Charlie Ward in the NFL.


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          Yea I lived down there...........don't forget to add to his higlights that he was pardoned by the va governor from going to jail he was not in the wrong place at the wrong time he cause a brawl and was going to jail but you know how it is with athletes. also from the area are alonzo mourning and joe smith and the current starting point guard for the maryland terps john gilchrest actually gilchest went to my high school.
          Go Broncos, Capitals, and Orioles

          Thanks SNK16