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    Originally posted by Fred the Bunny View Post
    Cat of Al Davis Weighs in on Recent Trade Rumors

    "Foxy" has been with Al longer than anyone else on the team. Being the closest of Al's (still alive) companions, I had the chance to catch up with him just before he and Al headed off for the set of the new "Inspector Gadget" movie. Al will be playing the part of "The Claw" and Foxy will play, of course, his cat.

    "Rumerz are rumerz" said Foxy as he started to clean himself. His hips popping and cracking as he etched his back leg over his head. "Lol...Al and I knows that you can't count on anything until the camps start. Hey, would you mind moving part of my belly over so I can clean? I can has to remind the nurse to change daddy's crap bag soon. Now, what was I saying?"

    We were unable to report anymore due to violent vomitting.

    I tried. This cat smells like moth balls and bitter dreams.
    The last time I saw anything that bad (poor cat)....was Al Davis.