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Help! I've got a complaining neighbor

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    Originally posted by ckstorm182000 View Post
    lol at the dancing with the stars comment.

    my roommate and I have decided to talk to management although who knows how well that will go over. When we first moved in, we went to them telling them our air conditioner only came out in one room and they told us to take a flying leap and we should have noticed the first 48 hours. yeah right

    our lease is up in April, so we're going to go look at another apartment complex today. Hopefully all will work out.

    This place isn't completely horrible (we live at Stone Cliff Heights in Aurora) but its amazing how one person can make you completely miserable.
    Thanks for all the advice friends
    Smart decision cksstorm........sounds like you have some solid background info, and are making an intelligent choice. Going to management first isn't the way to do everything in life imo (ie. in the workplace) but in this case I agree with MD, because initially I didn't understand the fear aspect of your situation. There's usually some "butterflies" when addressing others face to face, but that's much different than the fear you are feeling. It all comes down to relevance, and specifics of the situation.

    Again, good luck!


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      Originally posted by draco193 View Post
      It sounds like your complex is a pretty poor place to live. You might want to see if you can move out at the end of your lease.
      that's what i was going to say....sounds like a complex made up of mostly lowlifes...that's usually what happens in these kinds of places....i've lived at some really crappy places when i was poor and desperate for a place to live and this sounds just like those....make the best of it, try not to piss anybody off more than you have (people can be crazy, it's not worth seeing how crazy) and hopefully you can get out of there soon or the guy below you will leave. good luck


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        Well you tell the managers that they are being gay and likeing men.... if that does not work its time to take in youe hands by talking to them... if that does not work beat their ass


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          Originally posted by ckstorm182000 View Post
          My initial reaction was to go back downstairs and knock on his door and try to reason. However, after my roommate described him, I'm a little scared to do so. I guess he looks like Warren Sapp in his 50's and we're two tiny white girls
          Lol where the hell do you live...And who cares if hes big and Warren Sapp like