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  • Originally posted by CanDB View Post

    It's weird how us "northerners" can gradually get used to colder temps as the winter comes on. What you thought was cold in early winter gets to be fine a month or so later. BUT, most of us have a limit. For example, a wind chill that bites through your exposed skin in no time. Conversely, I know a lot of folks here, who like me, do not like it too mild in the middle of winter because it's messier in the streets, and sometimes icier as well. I actually don't mind it a little cold when driving, when the roads are dry. It's almost like driving in summer. But when you are in the middle of winter and the temperature hovers around freezing, it can be dangerous...and as no doubt, "wash car regularly" time!

    Don't get me wrong...I like a milder winter than when it gets really cold. When we were playing outdoor hockey, I would love a calm day, but no warmer than -10C (14F). You could work up a sweat any higher than that. And yes I get older, the sooner I want spring!!!! The only issue with that, given we have a Red River that can swell up easy, is a quick melt, and some heavier early rain....which can be a problem for many, especially those near the river.
    Don't think my body could handle those temps. "Wash car regularly" time?
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    • Originally posted by Sophia23 View Post

      Don't think my body could handle those temps. "Wash car regularly" time?
      Haha....or just don't wash til you feel the need!!