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  • No pics of the garden yet this year, but thought I'd resurrect this thread & share some updates.

    So far, I've gotten the following going in the garden this spring:
    • started pepper & tomato plants in my window from seed. starting to harden them off for transplanting into the garden proper in about a week or two.
    • planted jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes) last fall & they're starting to come up now
    • planted a row of potatoes - still waiting to see any signs of life though
    • planted baby bok choy
    • planted arugala
    • planted buttercruch lettuce
    • planted scarlet runner beans at the base of the trellis I made over the weekend
    • planted some assorted chinese greens
    • started some catnip

    Huh, guess I've been busier than I thought after listing all those things! :thumb:
    Originally posted by Broncoholic3233
    FF is awesome!


    • I think I need to go weeding a little more often.
      Just found a nest of about hen's 30 eggs amongst the weeds!