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People Are So Obsessed with Other People..Its Very Strange

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    Originally posted by CanDB View Post
    Always a blast reading your posts Z!!!!

    Sometimes seems like you are the only one. Thank you CanDB.


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      Originally posted by LordTrychon View Post
      This caught my mind.

      Everyone's heard of predators preying on the young, weak and old in nature, right?

      In the book [I]Prey[I] Michael Chrichton references a study that was done. Predators attack these creatures not because they are easier to kill or catch... but because they are different and stick out in the crowd. The study proved this by marking one member of a herd of prey (with a paint stripe I believe)... and the predators went after this member EVERY time.

      Food for thought.

      Don't pardon the pun.
      Thank goodness I'm pretty ordinary (at best) I'm worried that Predators will spot "exceptionally" ordinary people!!!!


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        Originally posted by Zealander View Post
        Sometimes seems like you are the only one.
        No chance are a top quality poster.



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          Originally posted by BroncoFaninMD View Post
          This isn't exactly people watching, but...

          When I drive around at night, I look at all the houses and wonder about the people inside. Are they happy? In pain? Is their world falling apart? Eating dinner? What kind of lives do they have? Is it different than mine?

          It makes me feel separated from myself.
          Ever wonder if theyre having sex? Sorry! Someone had to ask