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    Originally posted by xX-Bronco-Xx
    Seriously this has been a problem with me for sooo long it's ridiculous.

    It happens to me all the time like if I want to buy something to treat myself, not even a day before I decide I want to buy it do I think about not wanting to buy it and stuff.

    If I make a sig I keep going back and forth deciding on what kind of colors to put in or what type of design to take in or out and it's hard to make decisions like that because I keep flip flopping.

    If I decide to go to parties or just hang out with my friends we agree on inviting people and during that time I think it's going to be a blast but right after I do it I think to myself, will I really have that good of a time with them there? Honestly you could just say I'm horrible at making decisions for myself but I'm wondering if this is just me being weird or if other people go through this too.
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