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Does anyone ever use....AIM?

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    Originally posted by Skywalker View Post
    MSN rules all.
    She speaks truth.


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      i used to use icq for work, when i had to communicate with people on different messaging services (aim, yahoo)

      another thing helping msn take a lead was it being on the 360


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        I went to Trillian a while ago.


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          AIM and ICQ were the first programs out there, but ICQ didn't integrate itself into every part of your system like AIM did. If you downloaded it, you could forget ever getting rid of it.

          I hated everything about AOL, including AIM. IMO they were for n00b internet users, and still are.

          I didn't know ANYONE still used AIM until a one mod told me they were on it. I laughed and suggested they upgrade from 2001.

          Personally, I use gmail, since I have it open anyway. I sometimes use Yahoo, but it's only out of absolute necessity. There are a couple people from another website that use YIM, and sometimes I HAVE to talk to them...


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            Originally posted by Peerless View Post
            Yeah, I think you used to talk to me.

            I was like "WhoZ DIS nOOB?"
            I'm not so n00bish anymore:thumb:

            Maybe I'll catch you on there sometime.
            Originally posted by darth-hideous
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              What's this "AIM" you talk about? I've got Yahoo on my comp, but only use it when my email is open at work(which is most of 5- 6 days a week) and family logs in. Other then that...? Nope.
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                I dont use any of those anymore. Reminds me of 8th and 9th grade
                I just use Facebook


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                  Originally posted by VenomousDB View Post
                  I dont use any of those anymore. Reminds me of 8th and 9th grade
                  I just use Facebook
                  Facebook chat for the win.


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                    I have my reasons. lol.

                    My family was not internet newbs... the internet was newb when we got on AIM.

                    I keep it because of the massive friends list from back in the day... and you never know when you'll need one of those people (FWIW... I still see a dozen or so of my old friends on when I log in) as well as the fact that sometimes, someone from the boards will see that I have the AIM contact number, and will use it to ask me a question or two for the boards.

                    Of the three main services, I've had the LEAST trouble with AIM. To this day, Yahoo sometimes won't log me in on my laptop, even though my password is saved.

                    Plus, in the older days, I could have AOL running as well as 3 different versions of AIM... I used to use it to mess with my friends under multiple usernames.