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    Originally posted by BroncsFanInPa View Post
    Ok so i'm not the most "romantic guy" in the world and my girlfriend told me
    that she wants a "thoughtful gift" for christmas..I usually just buy gifts for her but she said a "thoughtful gift" shouldnt cost money..Does anyone have any ideas what i could do..I'm totally lost in what i can do cause my mind just doesnt think like that..Im just trying to see what other guys would do or just get advice from the female members on here..Thank you.
    Do you have pictures of you together? You could make a scrap book. Or maybe go and find some mementos from the time you met, your first date, that kind of thing. If it was at a restaurant, see if you can't get a copy of the menu. Show your sappy, sentimental side.
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      its quite simple listen to everything she says and pick up on that good ole small stuff because it matters just as much. For example a while ago my girl said she needed some girl time with some friends. So when the opportunity came up for her to go drinkin with the girls from work, I offered to be her DD. Its small things like this that add up in a big way
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