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The What did you get for Christmas Thread

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    Originally posted by xX-Bronco-Xx View Post
    If I got a deep fryer I'd fry everything imaginable.

    I'd fry a banana covered in peanut butter, a twinkie, a peanut butter sandwich, pickles, and everything other food in this world.

    I think my friend said she can make fried cola to which is weird.
    Yeah I want to, and its driving me nuts, I just dont feel like going to the store to get oil haha. But the first thing I gotta do is make some wings

    Originally posted by jetrazor74 View Post
    I imagine VD will do that to a person.
    Hmmm, cant really argue with that one.


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      yea i know its a little late but whateva, I got a bunch of signed Karl Mecklenberg cards some broncos PJs, a red PS3 controller and Assasins creed 2 and 350 bucks. i was most excited about the Karl Mecklenberg cards. Theyre all signed and one of em is even a rookie card. My dad got them for me at his work (kent denver high school) where Karl use to be the HC.
      Denver Native Born and Raised:go: