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What are you getting you significant other for Valentines?

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    Originally posted by TKE019 View Post
    Not married yet. We've been together for about 4 years now. I'm taking her to the first place that we met, which was a diner. I saw her around a lot, and we always ran into each other, & one of my friends said something like "maybe there is a reason you keep running into one another" One day, I went to this local diner and she was there, I couldn't believe it,I knew we had to talk. Long story short we started talking and things took off from there. Now back to the present, she REALLY loves ice skating. So I got her sister to help me. We're going to go to diner first, I know a diner isn't the most romantic, but it means something to us being its where we first met. Then I'm taking her to the rink, I'm going to request them to play our song that was played the first time we went ice skating together. This is where her sister comes in. Shes going to distract her then when she turns around, I'll be down on one knee, and you know the rest.
    Cool. Let us know how it went.

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