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    Originally posted by Peanut View Post
    I wake up several times in anticipation of the alarm.

    I wake up if someone breathes on me. I've gotten better, but, yeah, I'm a light sleeper (unless I'm very tired).

    Can you sleep through jackhammering? Hubby did that when they were fixing our basement.
    i slept through most of a fire drill when I was on the ship. Sad thing was that the "simulated" fire was taking place in berthing area where my rack was :yikes:
    Glen Haven Fire


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      Originally posted by Peanut View Post

      I like rain and now that the basement doesn't flood anymore...Let it rain.

      Besides, that's how my life is going right now.

      I should have said 'yes' and gotten some 'cool points' with you.

      It's one of my favorite classic rock groups.
      Brock you like a hurricane!
      Think of a bigger, stronger, more handsome Eli Manning.... That's Fargo.


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        Originally posted by Fargo View Post

        It's one of my favorite classic rock groups.
        What would happen if Ingle Martin had a rock group?

        I remember coming home as a freshman in college in 99 and I slept from 6 PM on Saturday till 7PM Sunday straight. My mom thought I was dead lol and woke me up on Sunday. That's the longest I've ever slept straight through. Probably wouldn't have heard the alarm clock.
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