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Guess what I ordered today....not food

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    Originally posted by Hoserman117 View Post
    Waaaait a minute.

    Did Brancos actually just make a post that made sense?
    I was talking about cabinets. :orton:


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      Originally posted by Brancos View Post
      Yeah I was just saying that in a response to VenomousDB's post and wasn't really serious. :go:

      The Camaro is my favorite car by far out of its three direct competitors.

      Just wondering but did you get automatic or manual? Are you planning on doing anything or keeping it stock?

      Congratulations. :go:
      Pretty much gonna keep it stock. Just going to add a few bells and whistles cosmetic wise. I really don't want to do anything to the engine being that it already has over 400 horses. This is actually going to be an investment....and handed down to my 9 year old son when the time comes. I know I'm gonna get slammed for this.....but it is an A6 with on the tap shifting. Meaning that you throw your tranny in "M" for manual, and you have a tap button on the steering colunm that enables you to shift, but by tapping the "+" for shifting to a higher gear and "-" to shift down. I thought this was cool as hell and would be alot easier teaching family how to drive. See....wasn't just thinking of myself. Talked to alot of Camaro owners before I made this decision....and they love it. Plus I don't like taking a cruise thru Denver and have to keep shifting at all the lights. I'm more of a cruiser. So with this have the best of both worlds. Go ahead and flame away at the A6 transmission. Just make sure you don't dog me out as you drive away in your minivan!
      Victory Red 2010 2SS/RS (SuperSport w/Rally Sport package).


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        Psshhh Hayabusa or go home!

        Congrats man, that's a nice car, I'm sure you'll love it!