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    Originally posted by DBfan4lyfe
    No love for DB?

    Lol, but i'll tell ya, I used to make intelligent posts back when I was ECB. Now I just worry about my post count more than what i'm actually saying. If you would look back at my ECB posts you'd think it was a totally different kid. My first maybe 100 posts were all football related and they were about 3 paragraphs long. Now i'm one of them kids that post 3 words and send it in.
    Maybe that should tell you something. Eddy Mac has less posts than you do, but as TDK eloquently put it, he's wiping the floor with you and your fellow youngins.

    If you want to be regarded as the most knowledgeable young buck, think quality over quantity and quit worrying about your post count.

    "Today's the tomorrow that you should've feared yesterday."