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Happy Fathers Day

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  • Happy Fathers Day

    To all of us lucky enough to be blessed with children I say Happy Fathers Day.
    The boy

    the gift
    photo by my GF...[email protected]

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    Happy Father's Day MightyHorse !

    I bet the little guy's leg itches.
    Hope that he gets it off soon.

    May God Bless all men and women of our Armed Forces, past and present
    The Only Thing Necessary For The Triumph Of Evil Is For Good Men To Do Nothing
    My Adopted Bronco is #95 Derek Wolfe


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      Thanx friend its actually been off for a few weeks now its just a really accurate picture of the little maniac. . . like father like son i guess
      photo by my GF...[email protected]


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        The reason why I love the Denver Broncos !

        Happy fathers day!

        "January 25, 1998: The night God answered our prayers


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          The best days of my life are when my kids' lives are good. The worst days are when one of them has a problem that is bothering them. However, that is why parents are here after all, to guide and support. My kids are in their mid 20s, but we are here for them all the time. And even though you are more of a "hands on" parent when they are young, the role never ends. That's why they are so important to you......once they are born to this world, you are 100% in their court, no matter what age, no matter what situation.

          In that regard, my wife and I are very lucky to have spent most of our married life around our two favourite people. They mean everything, and they have been extremely good to us, even though they keep their dad grounded......almost a role reversal going on!!:doh:

          If you are a parent, be a great one!


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            I know it shows a little girl, but I think it works for a boy, too.

            Happy Father's Day!


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            Lupus Awareness Month

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              My little girls gave me a cheesy 'best dad' tee-shirt.....

              A cheesy BRONCOS best dad tee-shirt!

              Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!!! :salute!:


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                Happy Fathers day to everyone!


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                  Originally posted by LordTrychon View Post
                  Happy Fathers day to everyone!
                  You too, my friend!