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Have you ever bet anything on games?

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  • Have you ever bet anything on games?

    Just wondering if anyone here has ever bet on games? Do you have a friend/coworker/relative who is a fan of another team? Have you ever bet them anything on games? Either with money, pride, or anything on the line.

    For example - I have only bet on one game for the Broncos. It was the 1998 AFC Championship Game vs. the New York Jets. I worked at McDonalds in High School and my manager was a Jets fan. (he was so kick butt that we set up a TV in the back and could watch games while we worked AND CHEER TOO!!) We bet a variety of things on the game. It was originally supposed to be dinner and a car wash for the winner. My boss came up to me the day after we won and handed me a 50 dollar bill and said "we are even". LOL I took it and called it even. Needless to say, I am retiring going 1-0.

    It was sweet victory when I went out and bought a John Elway jersey with my winnings!!

    So, have you ever bet anything on a game?

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    The first bet I ever made on football was our SB against the Giant's. I bet 2 nickels on it with my dads friend. When we lost I tried to give him a dime because a dime was .10. My dad's friend said- "No. No dime. You bet two nickels. Now pay up."
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      I bet on a SD/Broncos game one year with a friend who is a huge Bolts' fan.

      We lost.

      I debated on if I should send her a check or a money order (she lived in Georgia at the time).

      I decided to send cash, so I put the dollar in an envelope and mailed it.

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        is online gambling techinically legal or illegal?


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          Bodog and with friends.
          I have lost more than I have won with bodog, but its fun.
          Im not sure if its legal, but when you deposit it goes to a foreign bank.


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            I don't bet on Broncos games... The one time I really remember betting something was in middle school, 5 dollars on the K-State vs. Oklahoma Big 12 Championship game... Noone gave K-State a chance except me and they came out and walloped Oklahoma
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              Originally posted by IA_Broncosfan53 View Post
              Bodog and with friends.
              I have lost more than I have won with bodog, but its fun.
              Im not sure if its legal, but when you deposit it goes to a foreign bank.
              I use Bodog and have for about 5 years. I bet sports pretty regularly and it has honestly been my ability to study the numbers and (usually) make enough of the right decisions to make a little coin.

              I install granite countertops for a living and since 2008 the market has declined along with the Economy. I can honestly tell you that if it wasnt for betting sports I probably would have lost my home a long time ago. This is not to say that I am some super sports genius and that I dont lose bets, I do, but at the same time its something that makes the games more enjoyable for me and also has allowed me to pay quite a few bills that I wouldnt have been able to otherwise.

              And yes I bet with my heart on Denver, always.


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                I try not to bet on denver games but i can't resist sometimes.

                I'm pretty good, but still don't end up winning at the end of the season, but i nearly break even most of the time.

                It's fun, keeps me entertained and allows me to use my knowledge of football.

                I never seem to lose on superbowl bets... idk why.


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                  I bet quite a bit on sports, mostly football games. During the 98 season I was in Vegas mid season so I put a couple of bets on the Broncos just cause I was there. Unfortunately we were defending champs and on a roll so the odds were not in my favor. But it was cool to sit in the sports book and watch every game that Sunday. It was also cool to get hammered at 10 in the morning watching football, but I digress.
                  I also do a lot of side bets with various friends and family throughout the year. My uncle is a Raider fan so we've wagered quite a bit over the years. One of my good friends at work is from NY so he's a huge Jets and Yankees fan so anytime NY plays a Colorado team we put money down along with some other silly bets. The last time Denver beat the Jets he had to wear my orange McCaffery jersey every day on the way to punch in. I also painted him up a custom Bronco hard hat that he had to sport for the week. Needless to say this year will be interesting as to what we will bet.
                  I also do a few fantasy football payout leagues, and I like to wager on my own skills as well, be it on a dart board, a pool table, playstation, whatever. Does that count?


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                    bumpy bump...

                    so lately i've only been doing moneyline bets, or bets without spreads.

                    its been pretty nice to me. I'm also doing less and less parlays..

                    i took broncos straight up over tennessee last week and won 4 times my bet

                    this week here be my bets:
                    Denver Broncos +7
                    Jacksonville Jaguars
                    Chicago Bears @ Carolina Panthers Under 33
                    Indianapolis Colts
                    Houston Texans
                    New Orleans Saints
                    San Diego Chargers

                    (i do very small bets lol... so i don't lose much if I lose, and don't really win much neither... just passes the time )


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                      I am on sportsbook and give myself a small weekly budget to bet on the games. I have come out ahead every year but this one...not so much. Too many upsets. I parley one ticket on the spread and one straight up w/l.

                      Makes the games more interesting.

                      And I NEVER bet on the Broncos games.


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                        I use a private bookie. I always pick out 2 games i rally like every week and put 20 down a peice. Last week I hit on the Texans and Giants. I'm up abot 110 on the year.


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                          So to bet on bodog do you have to be over 21?


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                            Originally posted by xX-Bronco-Xx View Post
                            So to bet on bodog do you have to be over 21?
                            No, your "supposed" to be, but in all actuality it doesn't make a difference.


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                              I bet my co-workers last week on the Tennessee game that Chris Johnson would not get 100 yards. We only bet a soft drink. Work physical jobs so I drink alot of the energy drinks. I would have had to buy him 4 $.50 cent mountain dews if I lost. As it stands he owes me one NOS at $1.99!

                              Other than that, I bet pitchers of beer or twelve packs...