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Have you ever bet anything on games?

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    Originally posted by thatkidhunt View Post
    I always am a little concerned anytime I take a team -3.5 or -4.5 in a bet, I will almost always buy that half point just so I dont lose a parlay by a half point (its happened to many times).

    This way if the team I took only wins by 3 or 4 I can get the push for that game and still get partial money on the bet opposed to losing the whole thing.

    The payout is less by buying down the spread, but a lot of times its very worth it.
    yeah you are right, i probably shoulda done that.

    I do that sometimes but other times i dont... (that was a very intellectual sentence)

    I don't do very many parlays neither, i like to do straight wagers... but sometimes parlays are fun for $5 lol


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      I try to make "Pride" bets, but no one ever takes me up on it, or when they do I lose contact with them and can't see them pay up.

      In the past a bet a Raiders fan the we would win a game, if I won he would wear Broncos Gear. Then if he won I would wear Raiders gear to a game at Invesco, sit in my beloved South Stands, and Cheer for the Raiders. Needless to say I was never more happy about beating Oakland then I was on that day.

      I have offered Hair v Hair bets in the past.
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