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    Originally posted by OhBehave30 View Post
    Awesome! I did some googling and youtubing..that's pretty nuts. I'm sure there's a ton of people that would be shocked to see Canada is that scenic. I've been to Canada once- Toronto and I'd pick that over almost every "big" city in the U.S. for sure. Canada's so underrated.
    Hey bud.....I'd venture to say that there is natural beauty in most countries in the world, maybe with a few exceptions (some look a little too hard/dry/cave-like based on what I see)....

    If you get a chance visit:

    - Beautiful British Columbia - home of this year's winter olympics. This province (state) has amazing scenery and culture.....of course Vancouver is well known and ranked very high among the very best cities in the world. From there, take a ferry and go west to Victoria - a cool majestic city, roam around the Island and see it's coastal beauty (try to make it to the fishing village of Tofino)..... or go north to Whistler and it's world class resorts.......or go to the interior, to the Okanagan (where Kelowna lies). In between and all around there are mountains and forests and lakes and streams....this place rocks (okay, wast coast does have earthquake potential...but not what I meant)
    - then Alberta..a western type oil laden place, hugging the Rockies, with Calgary (reminds me of a smaller Denver) and Edmonton......and much more
    - Saskatchewan is next - this is prairie country, and home to agriculture and honest living and some interesting geography (Qu'Appelle Valley) that few realize..
    - Winnipeg is my home, and is central to Canada.....although we are in the prairies, our province of Manitoba has amazing sights - Grand Beach, one of the best beaches in the world, the Whiteshell - wonderful lakes and countryside, even small mountains and scenic places to our western side, pristine lakes and water sources almost everywhere......we are resoruce laden!!! And go north to Churchill, home of polar bears, whales and great expeditions.
    - Ontario, a huge province, that is home to Toronto, Ottawa - nation's capital, Hamilton, Waterloo - home of RIM, London, Windsor (which is actually north of Detroit), Niagara Falls, and a huge area of more of that natural beauty we speak of......including wilderness that has no bounds.
    - Quebec, our French Canadian province.....including Montreal and Quebec and their unique, interesting culture and European flavour. Great food!! Great times!! I need to go there again and see more....this is truly the home of gifted athletes, Cirque Du Soleil, and a piece of Europe right here in America.
    - Now you hit the eastern provinces....all with their own splendour and charm - New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. You just have to spend time in these Atlantic friendly, so much history and so much seafood!!! I have not been to Newfoundland, but it is a must....the folks speak a different type of English, and we love them!!! I do not mean to abbreviate these into one, but if you get a chance, see them all in one visit. I will mention that you should drive into Cape Breton Island - eastern Nova Scotia, and through the famous "Cabot Trail" - one of the most scenic drives anywhere!!! So.....without taking anything away from this group of provinces, see them all at the same time, in early fall when the leaves turn......AMAZING!!!!
    - Okay, the Great White North includes the Yukon - neighbour to Alaska and of mining roots; NorthWest Territories, Nunavut and more.......hard nosed country with much to see and explore, winter based climates and original and classic lifestyles and people....hopefully the so called "warming" will not take a toll on them....if will be a toll on all of us.

    There.....I said too much, but left out a ton!!!! Ohhhhhh Canada.....
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      Works that way in the world. Taking your time and being cool is always the best method.


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        Originally posted by Legendary30 View Post
        Works that way in the world. Taking your time and being cool is always the best method.
        L30 sighting!!!!!!!