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  • Career Advice Solicitation from my Bronco Brethren

    Hey guys, you're all a bunch of well rounded diverse characters, so I thought I'd throw you all a question.

    To preface, this summer ill be entering my senior year at Iowa majoring in marketing and management.

    I'm in the final stages of an interview process to be a orientation group leader here at Iowa. This position has a decent opportunity for personal leadership/development growth and would generally be a fun position.

    Currently, I have a paid marketing internship with a local mall doing marketing work as a "marketing intern", though I've been with the company since March. I dont do a whole lot of hands on marketing stuff, sort of like a secretary when it comes to that stuff, but i did write out marketing plan outline for 2011 and I've worked some promotional events, organized a couple of events and completed several analysis reports.

    However, mostly the work is becoming mundane, boring simple office tasks that has nothing to do with marketing. I do not believe there is room for advancement within the company after graduating. My boss/GM is rude and inconsiderate. The assistant gm is always telling me how much they appreciate my work because me gm treats me so poorly. its wearing on my nerves.

    The orientation position will pay better, but not by much. however employment has a definitive end unless I wanted to also work the program after graduation for another 3 months for the following summer.

    I cant get a real unbiased opinion from faculty, they are all going to be biased towards the orientation program, which is why I turned here.

    Is it better to continue to build my tenure in a "marketing" position in a tough market for any paid or unpaid internships with a publicly traded and successful REIT, or jump ship for the less professional, non-corporate orientation leader position but its something i would enjoy more and it continues to build my rolodex of connections and pays slightly better and would complete my management degree?

    CPs to anyone with good advice. I just dont know what to do... I sincerely appreciate the help

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    Take this from someone who knows: Happiness at work is of paramount importance.

    The position you currently hold is understood to be an internship. In the eyes of future employers, the internship will hold the same value if it lasts three months or 12. Sure, the more time, the better, and it sounds like you're going to get a great reference from the assistant GM when the time comes to call on him. That being said, if you're working for an inconsiderate jerk in a dead-end atmosphere, there's really no reason tolerate stagnation.

    You're a marketing guy. You know that marketing is relationships, and who you know can take you places. The orientation job is going to get you in touch with more people. It may not have the same professional atmosphere, but the fact that you're out meeting new contacts is going to help you identify other positions where you'll get the professional experience you need. It's a bit more of a risky move (a bird in the hand, after all), but the rewards sound a lot better in the long run.

    Take the orientation position, have more fun at work and create a new opportunity for yourself. You owe it to yourself to get away from the miserable boss.
    Thanks to Freyaka for the great sig!


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      Read your question to us again. Do you see how you worded it to get a specific answer? We all do it even if we don't see it, and I think you are really leaning towards this orientation job. Go with your heart on this one and like Whodey already been said to you, work has to be fun or it'll kill ya.

      Good luck with the new job. keep us all posted.


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        My uncle once told me...You're not working if you're doing something you like.

        It's true when you think about it. I'd take the second one, because the first one doesn't sound like there's much opportunity for advancement and you don't sound very enthusiastic about it.

        Whatever you do...good luck :thumb:


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          This should be your bottom line: Stay with experience and the guarantee of work. If you take a risk, make sure you have something to fall back on. Apart from that, it helps if you enjoy what you are doing, so you should either try to enjoy it, or find something you will enjoy. No sense being miserable! Good luck to you!:thumb: