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Broncomania Weddings...This is unheard of, right?

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  • jetrazor74
    Is there anyone we know in the wedding party?

    Just curious.

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  • Mount-n-Groan
    Broncomania eHarmony
    "If you can't convert them, marry them!"


    I think it's great that you all found each other here. Elway and I were part of the primordial ooze around here, and along with LT I've always felt a contemporary-like kinship with those guys that went beyond being Bronco fans (without ever REALLY getting to know them). So, from afar I've witnessed all this taking shape and I must admit that it makes me feel good. I'm very happy for all of you.

    Weird & Happy... a great combination!!!

    Broncos Mysticism Lives!

    and.. Congratulations!

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  • Broncomania Weddings...This is unheard of, right?

    So everyone knows LT-

    He's a mod here What some of you may not know is I'm his fiance.

    No, Fred the Bunny doesn't come around Mania much these days, but for a short while- I was one of the BEST trouble makers here. It's for that reason, I'm not around much. Life wouldn't be too good at home if LT is always banning & CP-ing me here. I'd have to troll him even more than I do in RL.

    Before LT was a mod, he was teacher's pet of the boards...I'd just like to point that out. He was always a good boy on here (mostly).

    So here's the deal...

    I met LT here. We now live together and we're getting married soon.

    Do you guys know who's going to perform the ceremony?

    Whodey. Yup.

    He got ordained just for the occasion.

    Not kidding. We both met him here and about three (?) years ago he moved out here too. Now we hang out in RL...yadda yadda yadda...

    So Elway (the mod) and LT are going to be brother in Elway is going to marry LT's sister (you guessed it, another board member) shortly after our own wedding.

    No, Whodey isn't going to perform the ceremony for that one.

    Another funny thing to note...I introduced my ex to a member here and they were married this past year (anyone remember Shanniefly?).

    It's just odd. This whole situation.

    One. Big. Weird. Happy. Broncomania Family. The punchline is only Elway and LT (and sister) are real Broncos fans, lol!

    Forget plenty of fish, facebook or myspace for hooking up- BM ( Broncos Country, sorry) is the place to be.
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