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I Often Like Planning More Than Doing....

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  • I Often Like Planning More Than Doing....

    Of course I like doing........most forms of doing are basically equivalent to living. Eating, drinking, sleeping, laughing, discussing, playing....and a lot of other "ings" are all fine with me. But there are some things (hmmm.....another of the ings) that I like planning for as much or even more than doing.

    For example, I love planning trips!! As soon as we finish one, no matter how it went, within no time I'm already in some vacation store looking for brochures, etc. to get started for wherever it is that's next on the list.......even if it's a year away. This could easily be just days after coming off a tiring vacation, and after a particularly turbulent flight home.

    I always loved planning trips when the kids were young. It was fascinating choosing the route we were going to take, and then checking out all the hotels/motels along the way.......with all the ratings and details....even the restaurants in the vicinity.

    Another example.....when preparing to buy a house/condo, or even when I rented when I was young dude. The planning was easier than the actual event. And even though we are not forced to move soon, I am deep into research for the places that are on the market, even some in an area that we are thinking about, far away from where we live now........into the Okanagan part of Canada, in the interior of beautiful British Columbia. We get real estate info from there, and here. I love checking out the properties, the prices, the pictures and all the details.

    As for actually moving to another place, well that's not always quite as fun. It's a ton of work, and sometimes produces some unexpected issues. It definitely can be fun if all goes well. But for me, the planning part creates few problems......I mean, you're just looking!

    This concept applies to a lot of things in my life........used to love planning the year ahead for sports teams I led, including where we were thinking of competing - you know, tournaments and the like. I also found that it applied to my career in many I was a real "things to do" kinda person, and was not too shabby at producing annual game plans and even business plans that extended a few years.

    Again, sometimes the doing wasn't as fact, often it was plain old hard work!

    Don't get me wrong.......I strongly recommend that you be a "doer", and definitely not a "dreamer". But somewhere in between is a valid role, and a purposeful one, that of the "planner".

    Got to go........have a vacation book or two on my desk, and over on the bed I left a couple of real estate books to ponder over......

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    I love doing...get it?
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      Originally posted by JaysusCutler
      I love doing...get it?
      I get it..........


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        Man... Sometimes planning is a scary and intimidating process... I'm planning on changing my last name pretty soon, and the steps involved are rather intimidating, that's for sure.
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          Originally posted by JaysusCutler
          I love doing...get it?
          I don't.
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