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A Few (Good) Words About The CP System

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    Originally posted by ebsoria
    Or is it a flare up?
    Guess ya gotta ask Frenchy, evidently he's the expert

    You left yourself wide open for that one Frenchy....hehehehe.


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      Very well said Can

      You are right,often some posters go unnoticed for giving good post and they are not being recognized or getting rewarded.I must say i like those underdog posters and will start searching the boards for good post.

      Also the mods are doing a good job on the boards and should be rewarded if they make a good post.All of them cant give CPs anymore,but it doesn't mean they can receive them.

      Don't worry about the new CP system memebers,i see a lot more positives than negatives to it.In the long run your good post will be recognized, it just may take a little longer to reach the next level.