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    Originally posted by Peanut View Post
    I just heard on the news that she is considering writing a book.

    On parenting.

    Seriously. That's what they said.
    I wouldn't buy it... but I would read it...
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      her porno was going to be titled "I got off"
      Now go get your shine box


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        Originally posted by jc13 View Post
        her porno was going to be titled "i got off"


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          Originally posted by jc13 View Post
          her porno was going to be titled "I got off"
          porn would be a great way 4 her to lock up her pathetic legacy , and a way to make some money for some enhancment......she needs it


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            I could be wrong but something tells me she could be back behind bars again more than once in what's left of her life.

            Given her past history....

            Do you think Universal studios will hire her back?? .....I keed


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              All I can say is....very sickening and heartbroken for poor little Caylee. So sad as we need to focus on her. Not on Casey or even the rest of the family. But only on that little girl who lost her life in a heinous way.


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                Originally posted by jcdavey View Post
                the tile will be

                "if i was a parent, this is how i'd do it"

                Lmao good stuff


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                  Asked about one reporter's suggestion that Anthony would never have had a crackerjack defense team if Grace hadn't publicized the case to high heaven during the years leading up to the trial, Grace called the idea "completely nonsensical."

                  She said that she can't worry about what her colleagues and critics are saying.

                  "What other media or pundits or defense lawyers are saying about me, that's not factored into my equation," she said. "I really didn't get into this job to win Miss Congeniality...If I want to stay true to my mission, what I'm about I really cannot entertain all the negativity.

                  "Look, here's the deal: Tot Mom's guilty, and everybody knows it except those 12 jurors. So the fact that I said it, I just don't understand why that's causing such an uproar."


                  "It's not about my career," Grace insisted. "I do not have ratings incentives in my contract. I don't have any incentives in my contract...I have not been speaking to anyone about the ratings this week."
                  I have to admit. I have spent virtually no time on the Casey Anthony trial. I’m not even sure why this is getting so much attention compared to many other criminal trials but it clearly has appeal among a subset of women viewers, especially fans of Nancy Grace.

                  Atlanta-based HLN has been taking full advantage of the trial, providing expansive coverage during the day and into the evening hours.

                  The windfall: big ratings, relatively speaking. Viewership began climbing once the trial began in late May. Its June ratings were its strongest ever in total viewers, behind only Fox News and ahead of sister station CNN and MSNBC. During the day, it averaged 601,000 viewers vs. 303,000 in June, 2010. In primetime, it averaged 982,000 viewers vs. 592,000 in June, 2010.

                  Nancy Grace, who contemptuously calls Anthony “tot mom,” pulled in a record 1.5 million viewers per night in June, 80 percent more than a year earlier.

                  On Wednesday, when the defense called its final witnesses, HLN beat all cable news networks among 25 to 54 year olds full day and primetime. It averaged 357,000 all day 25-54, its best numbers in that demo since it moved to long-form programming in 2005. Nancy Grace pulled in 676,000 viewers among 25 to 54 year olds, the most since January 7, 2009, another day in which she discussed the case.

                  The numbers today will likely be even bigger, given that the verdict was announced. (Anthony was not guilty of the main first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter charges. “Tot mom’s lies seem to have worked,” Grace said.)

                  Atrocious things happen everyday, to kids, adults, and here there is special attention because a network decided to make money off a little girls death.

                  The verdict would have been given regardless if people watched or not.

                  If anyone should be outraged at anything, it should be Grace and HLN for money grubbing at cases such as this...


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                    As I look more and more into this case it's becoming apparent to me that Casey Anthony has a strange pattern of sociopathic behavior. Now I'm not going to say I think she did it because I don't think there was enough evidence to convict anyone, but I definitely think her parents should be looked into. They did a lot of stuff that I thought was peculiar.