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June 29th 2002.

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  • June 29th 2002.

    Nine years ago tomorrow my brother Jason would killed while walking home from an early morning snack at Denny's. Just after 2am he was crossing the street at Monaco and Leetsdale and was struck by a car going over 70MPH. He was instantly killed. The driver made no attempt to slow down stop or swerve. To this day they have never been caught. The thing that makes it so hard every year is I have to not only face the fact that it has been another year since he was killed, but also the "guilt" of not calling him one last time. Some thing told me to call him on the 28th, but I ignored it. I td myself there is plenty of time to call him later. I could have had one more laugh with him
    to I could have told him I loved him. Please, PLEASE do not make my same mistake. In his honor tomorrow tell the people in your life you love them. If there is someone you have not told them how you feel or have not hugged recently do not wait till it is to late. Trust me it sucks knowing you missed your last chance.

    He was a diehard Broncos fan, if you feel inclined break it out any wear it as a tribute.
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    Sorry to hear about this. I'm sure your brother was a great guy.

    Hooray, beer!


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      I'm sorry for your loss & I will definiteliy take initiative to call someone and tell them I love them.



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        Very sorry to hear.

        RIP fellow broncos fan


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          Thank you.
          Ask me about My Jesus and how to have a relationship with Him.

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            that is horrible, sorry to hear that south.


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              Sorry for your loss Southy!
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                to your brother.

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                  South...thanks for the advice.
                  Im sorry for your loss, but thankful for the reminder.....


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                    my heart goes out 2 u


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                      That's terrible...sorry for your loss. I'll make sure to do that sometime today.
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                      You damn right!

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                        Sorry to hear about this bro. It's always sad to hear a story like this!

                        But do yourself one favor, and stop haunting yourself with the "I should have done this, or I should have done that" situations and I'll tell you why ...

                        9 years ago in August of 2002, I lost my Mother in a motorcycle accident. She was only 40 years old.

                        The day she went for her last ride my mother called me in the morning as I was sitting at work. I took her call and it was her usual "life sucks, woe is me" phone calls that I hated talking to her about. So I hurried her off the phone and told her I'd call her later after I left my office.

                        8 hours passed and guess what, I missed making that return phone call to her. I called but she had already left the house for her last ride.

                        I went out that night and partied and around 1am I got a call from the hospital. There was a state trooper on the line and they were asking me to come to the local hospital ... I advised them I had been drinking and could not drive nor did I have anyone to come get me. I asked if he could tell me why I needed to come there ... and that is when they passed the phone to the Hospital Chaplain.

                        I knew at that point that there was nothing good coming at the end of this phone call and that the news I was going to hear would forever change my life.

                        Boy did it ever!!!

                        I lost my Mother at the age 0f 22, I was instantly given custodial rights to my 11 year old step brother who was living with my mother!! My whole life was flipped upside down.

                        What I'm getting to here is for a few years after that I beat myself up on the same questions you ask yourself today bro,
                        WHY DIDN'T I CALL HER BACK
                        WHY DIDN'T I JUST STAY ON THE PHONE WITH HER
                        WHY DIDN'T I TELL HER I LOVE HER MORE OFTEN

                        The problem is ... there is never an answer to Why we do what we do and there is no reason to dwell in the past.

                        Remember all the good times and laughs & fun you had with your Brother and that will help to ease the pain of your loss!


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                          Tribute to your bro


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                            Thank you all. CPs as I can.
                            Ask me about My Jesus and how to have a relationship with Him.

                            Red Sox Mafia RLF4 Life! Boston 617 Strong!


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                              i don't want any cps

                              sorry though , man, i remember you telling me about it, still sucks though

                              condolences again