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    Originally posted by Frenchy180 View Post
    Something I forgot from this weekend...

    Coaching my little cousin who wants to be a wide receiver. I was never speedy enough to play the position, but as I've gotten older I've grown to understand the fundamentals and even some of the intricacies of the position. There is no better feeling than sending him out on a route and seeing it ran exactly the way I wanted it ran. It helps that he is a natural athlete. Just wish I could get him to stop leaving his feet when he needs to plant them
    out of body experience????

    coaching/mentoring....great way to contribute!


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      Hubby, while helping me clean the freezer out, said "Be careful. I don't want anything to fall on my head."

      Right when he said "fall", a Fudgesicle fell on his head.

      I laughed.

      He didn't.


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