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Teenager Builds 130-Square-Foot House for College

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  • Teenager Builds 130-Square-Foot House for College

    I think this is totally awesome.

    As small homes go, we've covered everything from shotgun shacks to disappearing lofts, big city closets to itty-bitty bungalows. But in the annals of tiny home lore, 16-year-old Austin Hay holds his own special place. The industrious teenager spent his summer vacation building a 130-square-foot home on wheels, which he intends to live in during college.

    First hatched as an extension of a high school research assignment, the project has kept Hay busy for the past year. By construction's end, the home will cost approximately $12,000. So far, Hay has funded the project with two summer jobs and some help from his mom and dad.

    But don't dismiss the effort as trivial. Whole families have made do -- in fact, have said they prefer -- to live in homes no larger than the "cabin" Hay built.

    "It's cozy," Hay says in a video for "Plus there's no mortgage on it."

    Wise beyond his years, it seems. The median price for a home in some of the pricier metros in the San Francisco Bay area came in at around $515,000, according to the National Association of Realtors -- almost three times greater than the national median of $172,000.

    Eventually, Hay plans to install a shower, eco-friendly composting toilet, kitchenette, and even a guest bed. Best of all, the home is small enough to travel with the young builder wherever he goes -- including college, and beyond, he says.

    This kid is going to do REAL well in life. Such a cool idea, plan, and implementation.

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    Well I did the same thing when I played The Sims :thumb:
    Thank you Charger$


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      Nice idea, except where is he going to put it when he's living in it? It's not like he can just leave it in a road somewhere, and it might not be the right size or shape for most mobile home parks (which also cost money).

      When we first moved to New York, my wife and I lived in a studio apartment that was about 225 square feet, and it was tiny. I don't envy this kid trying to live in a space half that size. But you've also got to respect his initiative!


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        I want one!!

        It would be the best man Cave EVER!!!


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          Thats cool and all, but I don't see that trailer holding much more weight LOL!
          I Adopt #77 well damn!
          Milla Da QB Killa' #77
          Fox Rocks #77


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            That young man is very impressive ...
            :logo: :logo: :logo: :logo: :logo:


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              The kid is smarter than we think.....he knows that young women will be impressed and will want to spend some quality time in "the pad".