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It Costs A Lot Of Money To be Rich....

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    Originally posted by CanDB View Post
    Funny!!! Hate to say it Foez, but 15% of 0 = 0.
    That's better than...well...never mind nothing is 0.
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    Originally posted by kishzilla
    You truly are a special kind of strange ha ha ha.
    You damn right!

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      Originally posted by Foez View Post
      That's better than...well...never mind nothing is 0.
      nothing from nothing leaves nothing.....catchy lyrics eh?


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        Originally posted by #87Birdman View Post
        See and people make fun of me for not drinking, but I get the last laugh cause I still have my money, but I really don't got a life
        Why not?

        I don't drink anymore...
        I still go to alot of cheap concerts.

        I still go see local bands all the time...
        I love to dance.. I meet a bunch of folks..
        I cavort and carry on....

        Tonight I saw a bluesman out of Texas, Jeff Strahan...
        I spent not one red cent.

        I have a TON more fun now than I ever did when I used to drink...
        and I often go home at the end of the night..
        having only spent a bit of gas money and maybe 5 bucks for red bull.

        I often stop into 3 or 4 spots on a Saturday night...
        I can check out 4 bands in a night..
        and never worry about a DUI. I have friends all over...

        I let folks know what is happening at other spots. Who is hanging out where.

        Often guys I know are wasted.... they tell me they are jealous
        'cause I can drive around and check out many venues..
        while they are "stuck in one spot... dropping 60 bucks on shots and beers"..

        Go figure. They are "stuck" because they CHOOSE to be stuck.

        I tell 'em... you can do what I do... just don't drink.

        They scoff and say no way... it would be be no fun.

        That my friends.. is the definition of someone addicted to a drug.

        __________________________________________________ ___

        P90X is a 90 day workout system. Most anyone can do it.
        I remind folks that NOW is a good time to get into shape for spring...

        Eat Clean - Work out - quit drinking for 90 days.

        I mention to friends..
        if you can quit drinking for 90 days and
        get into shape and save a ton of money...
        then you should do it.

        If you CAN'T quit drinking for 90 days...
        then you NEED to do it.

        Either way... why not try just quitting for 90 days and get in shape?

        It is the first day of fall.... do 90 days now
        Come 2012 and springtime... you will be richer...
        and feel better.. be healthier... more stamina and endurance.

        and who knows.. you just may learn to party sober...
        and be on a new, different path.

        The choices we make ....
        day in and out...
        they shape our destiny.

        And you know what else?

        Chicks dig sober guys.
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          Originally posted by Peerless View Post
          Being an adult is expensive.

          No more parents, or roommates to help pay for the bills.

          Rent, TV/Internet, Cellphone, Car Insurance/Gas, Electricity, Credit cards...

          learned this when I was 18 right out of high school.

          Being broke sucks.