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I'm moving to the country!!!

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  • I'm moving to the country!!!

    ... Gonna eat me a lot of peaches!

    Peaches come from a can. They were put there by a man in a factory downtown. If I had my little way, I'd eat peaches every day; sun-soaking bulges in the shade.

    I took a little nap where the roots all twist, squeezed a rotten peach in my fist and dreamed of you... woman. Poked my finger down inside and made a little place for an ant to hide; nature's candy in my hand... or can... or pie.

    I'm moving to the country; gonna eat a lot of peaches.

    Millions of peaches, peaches for me. Millions of peaches, peaches for free.


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    I hate that song


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      booooooo this man


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        I sing this song to my girls all the time. They don't believe it's a real song.

        Originally posted by CinnaMunMun View Post
        I hate that song
        You wouldn't know good music if it walked up and stuck it's tongue in your ear.

        Originally posted by 12and4 View Post
        booooooo this man
        You might, but I doubt it.


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          How can anybody hate this song? It's GREATNESS!!!
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          Originally posted by kishzilla
          You truly are a special kind of strange ha ha ha.
          You damn right!

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            Its really dirty once you think about it... Double meanings.


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              It is great song by a great band.
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                In honour of this song I went and got a peace from my fridge.
                I live kind of in the country and I am sooo eating a peache.


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                  Ya'll city folk aint getting no peaches.

                  1. You plant that cute little tree and wait & wait. The following year you see there's really a peach growing. Soon you realize though that the tree is still too young, hence the peach the size of a ping pong ball but as hard as a billiard ball.

                  Year three comes, and the tree is dead. No peaches.

                  2. Your kid comes home from her school and tells you about the big peach sale. You get your checkbook & fill one out. Your helping your school and going to eat some nice peaches.

                  The peaches never come. Your kid didn't bother to get a receipt. The lady at the school has no idea what your talking about.

                  True stories.

                  Del Monte, they manufacture the best peaches. :thumb:


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                    My song <3


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                      Right now we have a case of peaches sitting at home, and I've been singing this to jet jr and little razor.

                      Finally jet jr asked me what the real song was.

                      I asked her what she meant.

                      "The real song to the one you're singing." She thought I was making up words and sticking them to the melody of another song.

                      She didn't believe me when I told her it was the real song, so I had to show her this vid on YouTube.

                      Now I can't get it out of my head!!

                      And that's alright by me.


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                        I sure do love me some peaches

                        Mangos are the best fruit on the planet though.....


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                          Thanks JET!!! Now I have a new song to sing to my Nieces and Nephew. :thumb:


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                            Watch out for the Peach ninjas!
                            I really like Cheese.


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                              Palisade peaches FTW